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Nurturing Ourselves

Nurturing ourselves - using a bioenergetic approach.

October will be awash in pink across the country as we focus on Breast Cancer in the US. At Juneva, we focus on breast health year ’round! The breast health points in bioenergetics (and they apply to both men and women) represent our ability to nurture ourselves and those around us. As a mind-body connection, […]

NES Cracking the Code

NES cracking the code - decoding the human body field.

Here’s a great TBT (turn back time) moment called Cracking the Code with Harry Massey interviewing Peter Fraser. It’s always good to see Peter himself explaining his experiments and research — I thought you would enjoy these videos too.    

Some Thoughts on Addressing Emotional Oscillators

Some thoughts on addressing emotional oscillators with a bioenergetic approach.

AN ARTICLE PUBLISHED BY PETER FRASER & NES HEALTH. When dealing with the bioenergetic correlates of disease, the first process is to address the emotional oscillators. As a reminder, in NES theory, emotional oscillators can be thought of as information flows that eventually can affect four key organelles of the cell. An emotion is also […]

Anomalies the Human Body-Field Can Better Explain

Anomalies the human body field can better explain.

AN ARTICLE PUBLISHED BY PETER FRASER & NES HEALTH. Below are some musings on “cracks” in biology that the theory of the human body-field can explain better than conventional biological theory can. This is just an overview of some areas that are worth exploring further. No attempt to explain the HBF theory in detail is […]

For Your Seasonal Wellness

Two new NES Feel Good Infoceutical sets.

Just in time for the holidays and for Seasonal Wellness season, we are offering an alternative to family discord, carbohydrate overload, exhaustion, and cold/flu medications without the side effects. In fact we can offer side benefits! Holiday Survival Infoceutical Set This is the perfect set for people getting together with family for a big holiday […]

Infoceuticals, Emotions And Organ Fields

NES Peter Fraser about emotions and brain holograms.

How Exactly Do Infoceuticals Work On The Emotional Level? Watch a past lecture from Peter Fraser at the 2009 NES Conference in Germany, where he discusses emotional implications of bioenergetic therapy, how organ fields are deeply entrenched in our emotional experiences, and how we can address trauma in the body-field using principles from Eastern Medicine. […]

Charge, Energy Flow And Magnetism

Charge, energy flow and magnetism.

“Life is energy flow,” said Dr. Rainer Viehweger at the 2015 NES Health conference. Listen to his talk, where he explains the fascinating science behind bioenergetic medicine (including the mechanisms of mitochondria, electrons, and light).

Your Personal Energetic First-Aid Kit With Our Feel Good Infoceutical Set

Your personal energetic first-aid kit with our NES Feel Good Infoceutical set.

What Are Infoceuticals? NES Infoceuticals represent a quantum leap in helping you achieve optimum health and well-being. They are a unique line of liquid bioenergetic remedies ‘imprinted’ with bio(quantum)-information based on NES proprietary and extensive mapping of the human body-field over the past 30+ years. Infoceuticals address issues in your bioenergetic system (human body-field) from […]

Joint Health Has a Deeper Meaning

Joint health has a deeper meaning - a bioenergetic perspective.

In the US, July is National Arthritis Awareness month. Rather than focus on the negative, we like to focus on rejuvenating the body and feeding it positive information. At Juneva together with NES, we are focused on joint health and improved comfort. Painful joints are not just physical manifestations, they are also connected to other […]

How Body-Field Scans Helped Lead To A Rare Medical Diagnosis

How body field scans helped lead to a rare medical diagnosis.

Bioenergetic screening can suggest possible functional/subclinical imbalances in the body, based on distortions in the body-field, which makes it an excellent complement to medical screening. This becomes extremely useful, particularly when medical screening is unremarkable, and there are chronic and significant symptoms. Such was the case with a young woman, whose digestive symptoms became progressively […]

‘Gut’ Feelings And The Fire Element

Gut feelings and the fire element - a traditional chinese medicine and new bioenergetic perspective.

We’ll investigate the relationships of some of the most important factors which influence our state of health and well-being – information in form of nutrition and what and when and how we eat, and on the other hand, the information which we perceive through our senses and which creates certain emotional energies. We will see […]

What’s Your Energetic Stress Style?

What is your energetic stress style?

No matter how much we love our significant other or people around us, there will likely be times throughout the year when we are not on the same wavelength. ​The way we react to distress in our relationships is driven by our energetic stress style [1]. The term energetic stress style is used to reflect […]

Stress Mess: How the Body-Field Is Impacted By Chaos

Stress mess - how the body field is impacted by chaos.

Stress. We all feel it. Today, many of us cope with stress every day as the world around us changes. Relationships, finances, employment, and careers – or just life itself can be stressful at times. When we are stressed, the human body-field gets temporarily distorted from its normal spherical shape. When the sphere is not […]

Did You Know The Human Body-Field Has Its Own Immune System?

Did you know the human body field has its own immune system?

AN ARTICLE FROM PETER FRASER. Dr. Norman Gregg, an Australian ophthalmologist, discovered in 1942 that babies born of women who had had rubella (also known as German measles) early in their pregnancies often suffered from congenital defects, such as cataracts and heart disease. His evidence was rejected as insufficient by British medical officials, but he […]

Spring Into Wellness: “Bloom and Grow” With These 5 Infoceuticals

Spring into wellness - bloom and grow with these 5 NES Infoceuticals.

Historically, spring has always been a time of rebirth and renewal – nearly all religious and spiritual traditions celebrate the transition from winter darkness and the “death” of the old to spring’s period of opening, blossoming and growth of the new. Energy medicine naturally aligns with living “seasonally,” which means we honor the cyclical rhythm […]

Heart Health And Bioenergetics

Heart health and bioenergetics.

According to the American Heart Association’s 2015 statistics, heart disease remains the leading global cause of death. For the United States, this ranking reportedly has held since 1921. While actual death rates due to cardiovascular disease have been declining for many years, current estimates suggest that over 85 million people in the U.S. are living […]

How To Boost Your Immunity With Infoceuticals

How to boost your immunity with NES Infoceuticals.

Cough, cough, sneeze! You’ve probably been hearing a lot of this right now, as the cold and flu season grabs a hold. The media prescribes all kinds of medications to suppress the symptoms, but by using the NES-based bioenergetic approach, protecting yourself from getting sick is much better than fighting symptoms once they appear. What […]

Pros And Cons Of Sun Exposure (And How Bioenergetic Therapy Can Help)

Pros and cons of sun exposure (and how bioenergetic therapy can help).

The sun provides a source of energy across the full electromagnetic spectrum. But how much sunlight is good – and where do we draw the line when it comes to our health? Much of the sun’s radiation is handled by the earth’s atmosphere. ​The sunlight that reaches the earth includes infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) […]

Five Ways To Address Emotional Health

Five ways to address emotional health.

When dealing with the bioenergetic correlates of disease, the first process is to address the emotional “oscillators”, which can be thought of as information “flows” that can eventually affect four key organelles of the cell. An emotion is also an energetic structure that forms a standing wave. It can come into conflict with another emotion’s […]

Test Stress: How To Help Kids Cope During Exams

Test stress - how to help kids cope during exams.

Whether the pressure comes from peers, teachers, parents or yourself, examination stress can be all consuming for some young people. Most of the time children are resilient, adaptable and pretty laid back about life changes and being put on the spot, but some have a shadow hanging over them as exams creep up. Some get […]

Add Imprinted Music To Your Healing Journey!

Body field sound healing CD cover - first-of-a-kind audio experience by imprinting information onto music with the capacity to stimulate healing.

NES imprinted music is the perfect addition to your personal healing journey! Choose from several sound healing CDs / downloads that are designed to induce relaxation, focus, love, and improve the body-field’s overall coherence. Order yours today in our online shop.

Lyme Disease And Energy Medicine: Is There A Cure?

Lyme disease and energy medicine - is there a cure?

Lyme disease is considered one of the fastest-growing epidemics in the world. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that the number of people diagnosed with Lyme disease each year in the United States is around 300,000. [1] What Is Lyme Disease? – Two Opposing Views 1. Bacterial Lyme disease may be characterized […]

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