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Is Stress Depleting Your Vitality?

Creating energy by healing trauma - a supercharged podcast.

You may know that emotional trauma and stress are detrimental to your overall health. But… Did you know, that deep-rooted emotional trauma can be the culprit for your depleted energy as well? Yes, the emotional trauma in your life that you may not be consciously aware of or think has impacted you is actively causing […]

Fighting Fatigue With Bioenergetics With Debbie Hart

Fighting fatigue with bioenergetics - a supercharged podcast.

Long-term fatigue along with anxiety has become a wide spread health crisis many people face these days without getting much (if any) relieve from conventional medicine and other therapies. Tune into this podcast where, Debbie Hart, a master bioenergetic practitioner talks about how Bioenergetics can help you to fight fatigue. What you will learn in […]

Are these silent killer lightbulbs in your home?

How to protect yourself from EMF - a supercharged podcast.

Did you know that these compact fluorescent lightbulbs are the biggest offenders of Electromagnetic Field radiation? You may be aware of what Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) are, and how they’re emitted from our wifi routers, cellphones, electricity meters on our homes, and now our lightbulbs, but are you aware of just how detrimental this radiation is […]

All About The Revolutionary miHealth PEMF Handheld Device

All about the revolutionary miHealth PEMF handlheld device - a supercharged podcast.

At Juneva an important element of our therapy is NES’ miHealth device. The miHealth device is a powerful hand-held biofeedback device that is non-invasive and effective for rejuvenating the body’s energy and restoring proper energy flow through the body. It employs several unique technologies — pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy, global scaling frequencies (based on […]

The Miracle of Liquid Infoceuticals

The miracle of liquid NES Infoceuticals - bioenergetic remedies for naturally restoring healthy mind body patterns, by removing energy blockages and correcting information distortions in the body field.

Learn more about the latest research on water and how NES Infoceuticals are created and what they do.

A Rare Interview With NES Co-Founder Peter Fraser

A rare interview with NES co-founder Peter Fraser - a supercharged podcast.

When Harry Massey was looking through his archives he found this interview he did with Peter Fraser eight years ago! He thought we all would enjoy hearing more about why Peter and Harry created NES Health and how Peter flat out gave up on natural health care and created a new paradigm of health care. […]

Finding Our Voice

Finding our voice - a bioenergetic analysis.

Happy 2018! It’s an exciting year ahead and I am really keen to see what the year will bring. Creating health is not an outside in job; it’s just the opposite — it’s an inside out shift. The same is true of resolutions! Attention will follow intention so making lifestyle changes and creating a strong, […]

How The Human Body-Field Deals With Toxins (And How Infoceuticals Can Help)

How the human body-field deals with toxins (and how NES Infoceuticals can help).

From Peter Fraser’s article “Detox to Save Your Life.” We are used to the homeopath’s traditional idea of using low-potency herbs for the liver and kidney organs, or even the lymphatic system. NES research improved on this idea, taking it to the next level. “The actual body process in dealing with material toxic to the […]

All About Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy

All about pulsed electro magnetic field (PEMF) therapy - a supercharged podcast.

Health begins with energy and the NES miHealth device is a great tool for delivering energetic frequencies to the Body-Field along with Infoceuticals. There are quite a few forms of electro-therapies in use today — you may have used some of them. Listen to this great podcast with Harry Massey and Cyril Bourke from NES […]

It’s Time for an Upgrade!

It's time for an upgrade - new labels for NES Infoceuticals.

We at Juneva together with NES are constantly innovating to serve our clients better. And, now it’s time that the NES Infoceuticals are getting an upgrade. NES always want to create products that are visually appealing as well as effective. We’re pleased to announce that the look and feel of Infoceuticals is becoming more current, […]

The Morphic Field

Morphic field is a foundational element in bioenergetics.

The Human Body-Field (HBF) is a homogeneous holographic entity that both oversees and is formed from the interactions of the vast number of process forming the functional body and mind. According to Peter Fraser’s research the HBF subdivides into three primary aspects: The Heart Field which integrates and provides coherence between all the fields of […]

Star Symbolism: A Holiday Emblem And Much More…

Star symbolism - a holiday emblem and much more - from a bioenergetic viewpoint.

Throughout the holiday season, we are surrounded by stars of various shapes and sizes; while they serve as festive decorations, stars are generally symbols of hope and direction—lights that shine through darkness to show us the way and help us to stay on track. One of the best-known stars is the North Star, Polaris; it’s […]

Are You Searching for the Sweetness of Life?

Are you searching for the sweetness of life - a bioenergetic perspective.

It’s almost Halloween which can mean lots of candy and treats around, and the comfort foods of the holiday season are just around the corner! This month we are focusing on ER-42 which relates to the pancreas; it also shares a mind-body association with our relationship to our families. By stimulating Energetic Rejuvenator (ER) 42 and correcting it’s […]

Nurturing Ourselves

Nurturing ourselves - using a bioenergetic approach.

October will be awash in pink across the country as we focus on Breast Cancer in the US. At Juneva, we focus on breast health year ’round! The breast health points in bioenergetics (and they apply to both men and women) represent our ability to nurture ourselves and those around us. As a mind-body connection, […]

NES Cracking the Code

NES cracking the code - decoding the human body field.

Here’s a great TBT (turn back time) moment called Cracking the Code with Harry Massey interviewing Peter Fraser. It’s always good to see Peter himself explaining his experiments and research — I thought you would enjoy these videos too.    

Some Thoughts on Addressing Emotional Oscillators

Some thoughts on addressing emotional oscillators with a bioenergetic approach.

AN ARTICLE PUBLISHED BY PETER FRASER & NES HEALTH. When dealing with the bioenergetic correlates of disease, the first process is to address the emotional oscillators. As a reminder, in NES theory, emotional oscillators can be thought of as information flows that eventually can affect four key organelles of the cell. An emotion is also […]

Anomalies the Human Body-Field Can Better Explain

Anomalies the human body field can better explain.

AN ARTICLE PUBLISHED BY PETER FRASER & NES HEALTH. Below are some musings on “cracks” in biology that the theory of the human body-field can explain better than conventional biological theory can. This is just an overview of some areas that are worth exploring further. No attempt to explain the HBF theory in detail is […]

For Your Seasonal Wellness

Two new NES Feel Good Infoceutical sets.

Just in time for the holidays and for Seasonal Wellness season, we are offering an alternative to family discord, carbohydrate overload, exhaustion, and cold/flu medications without the side effects. In fact we can offer side benefits! Holiday Survival Infoceutical Set This is the perfect set for people getting together with family for a big holiday […]

Infoceuticals, Emotions And Organ Fields

NES Peter Fraser about emotions and brain holograms.

How Exactly Do Infoceuticals Work On The Emotional Level? Watch a past lecture from Peter Fraser at the 2009 NES Conference in Germany, where he discusses emotional implications of bioenergetic therapy, how organ fields are deeply entrenched in our emotional experiences, and how we can address trauma in the body-field using principles from Eastern Medicine. […]

Charge, Energy Flow And Magnetism

Charge, energy flow and magnetism.

“Life is energy flow,” said Dr. Rainer Viehweger at the 2015 NES Health conference. Listen to his talk, where he explains the fascinating science behind bioenergetic medicine (including the mechanisms of mitochondria, electrons, and light).

Your Personal Energetic First-Aid Kit With Our Feel Good Infoceutical Set

Your personal energetic first-aid kit with our NES Feel Good Infoceutical set.

What Are Infoceuticals? NES Infoceuticals represent a quantum leap in helping you achieve optimum health and well-being. They are a unique line of liquid bioenergetic remedies ‘imprinted’ with bio(quantum)-information based on NES proprietary and extensive mapping of the human body-field over the past 30+ years. Infoceuticals address issues in your bioenergetic system (human body-field) from […]

Joint Health Has a Deeper Meaning

Joint health has a deeper meaning - a bioenergetic perspective.

In the US, July is National Arthritis Awareness month. Rather than focus on the negative, we like to focus on rejuvenating the body and feeding it positive information. At Juneva together with NES, we are focused on joint health and improved comfort. Painful joints are not just physical manifestations, they are also connected to other […]

How Body-Field Scans Helped Lead To A Rare Medical Diagnosis

How body field scans helped lead to a rare medical diagnosis.

Bioenergetic screening can suggest possible functional/subclinical imbalances in the body, based on distortions in the body-field, which makes it an excellent complement to medical screening. This becomes extremely useful, particularly when medical screening is unremarkable, and there are chronic and significant symptoms. Such was the case with a young woman, whose digestive symptoms became progressively […]

‘Gut’ Feelings And The Fire Element

Gut feelings and the fire element - a traditional chinese medicine and new bioenergetic perspective.

We’ll investigate the relationships of some of the most important factors which influence our state of health and well-being – information in form of nutrition and what and when and how we eat, and on the other hand, the information which we perceive through our senses and which creates certain emotional energies. We will see […]

What’s Your Energetic Stress Style?

What is your energetic stress style?

No matter how much we love our significant other or people around us, there will likely be times throughout the year when we are not on the same wavelength. ​The way we react to distress in our relationships is driven by our energetic stress style [1]. The term energetic stress style is used to reflect […]

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