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Brain Holograms and Liberator – Releasing Past Shock & Trauma

Brain holograms and liberator - release past shock & trauma.

Emotions are an integral part of our human experience. They influence our thinking, behavior, actions, and physical body. They are a message about our state of being and the most important indicators of ‘how we are’ in the world. They are inextricably linked to our beliefs and thoughts.

Emotions form two distinct groups:

  1. Those that have a basis of trust and acceptance, and are associated with being uplifted, light, calm, positive, balanced, centered, and harmonized.
  2. Those that have a basis of fear and are associated with being heavy, turbulent, negative, unbalancing, decentering, and disharmonizing.

All emotions have a role to play, and all are valuable. It is natural to experience both those that bring a sense of harmony as well as disharmony. Emotions naturally flow – they arise, gather intensity, are expressed, and then melt away … sometimes in seconds, sometimes minutes or much longer.

Brain holograms and liberator - release past shock & trauma.

Issues arise with emotions when they become:

  • Repressed – never expressed
  • Denied – their existence is not acknowledged
  • False – deluding oneself that we feel a certain way
  • Dominant – preventing and overpowering all other feelings
  • Grasping – holding onto an emotion, not letting it go
  • Projected – making others responsible for the way we feel

Harmonizing and uplifting emotions arise from the core aspects of our being, the part that exists in the ‘now’ and resides behind the thoughts and intellect. These emotions are a natural unconditional expression of the joy and love that exists within, in every cell of the body.

Disharmonizing emotions arise from the surface level of the mind where thoughts, beliefs, values, memories and programmed reactions reside, inducing turbulence into the emotions. This part of the mind tends to focus on the past and future, not the present.

Emotions influence the body. Disharmonizing emotions such as frustration, hatred and fear cause chemical reactions that are very different from the chemicals released when feeling harmonizing emotions such as love, happiness and acceptance.

However, we should remember that every emotion is a gift. Harmonizing emotions bring a sense of aliveness, connection, openness and joy. Disharmonizing ones bring a message that some part of us needs to be listened to and nurtured, allowing some aspect of us to grow and be transformed. Acknowledging turbulent, heavy, unbalancing emotions and examining what caused their emergence brings understanding about why we act as we do and the nature of our suffering.

From a Human Body-Field (HBF) perspective, emotions are a combination of information and energy. Emotional “tape loops” set up information packages that can block Morphic Field activity and the body-field’s functions. NES Health research has also found that the heart’s role in transferring information in the body-field is greatly influenced by dominant emotions. Disharmonious emotional states restrict the free flow of information and lead to an over-energized state, while harmonious ones enhance information flow and to restore a more balanced energy state.

Back in 2009, NES Health released five Infoceuticals that represented a critical step forward in our ability to correct the body-field and therefore the function of the physical body. These were what we call four “Brain Hologram” Infoceuticals along with Liberator Infoceutical.

These five Infoceuticals have a central purpose of helping with the release of shocks and traumas – emotional events that were never fully processed and therefore continued to reside in and impact someone both emotionally and physically. By releasing and resolving past emotional issues, people tend to experience profound changes at many levels.

Brain holograms and liberator - release past shock & trauma.

The Work of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

The development of this new range of Infoceuticals was inspired by the work of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer in the latter part of the 20th century. This work suggests that when someone experiences a strong emotional event for which they have a limited coping strategy, that event becomes imprinted into the subconscious and can subsequently become a root source for health issues. Dr. Hamer found that these imprinted “shock/conflicts,” as they are known, can manifest as light-colored rings in brain CT scans.

Dr. Hamer went on to discover that the nature of the originating shock/conflict would determine where the rings appeared in the brain. Through extensive study, Hamer produced a series of brain maps identifying a range of specific shock/conflicts and where the corresponding rings would appear. From these maps, using a CT scan image, he was able to identify an originating shock/conflict solely based on the location of the rings within the brain.

Dr. Hamer extended his work to show that, for each of the shock/conflict regions in the brain, there is an associated ‘reflex’ or ‘relay’ area elsewhere in the body, and that physical pathology was likely to show in that area as a result of the originating shock/conflict. For instance, a trauma situation involving ‘not getting enough food’ would – according to Hamer’s model – disturb a specific region within the brain stem, and the associated organ for that region is the liver. So a ‘not getting enough food’ trauma could eventually manifest as a liver complaint, unless the originating conflict was resolved. So effectively, Hamer provided the link between emotional upsets and physical health conditions.

Because these conflicts reside in the subconscious, they need to be released at this level for corrections to take place, and this is the subtle and profound work of the Brain Hologram and Liberator Infoceuticals. Their work can be complemented by other emotional pattern releasing techniques such as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neurofeedback Therapy (NFT) and Matrix Reimprinting. These solutions are important because we cannot just consciously “decide” to let go of these imprinted events.

The subconscious nature of these emotional events presents another challenge to therapists and their clients: often we have no conscious memory to even guide us toward what needs to be released. Many of these events originate before birth or before we develop our conscious memory. Even those formed in later years may be completely unknown if the mind has buried the memory. We may be able to consciously observe unhealthy patterns in our lives that occur because of a shock/conflict, but this still may not lead us to knowing what the original event was.

With a body-field scan assessment, however, we can see immediately what needs support and clearing on the subconscious level, as the body-field is precisely where these events are energetically stored. This is the subconscious nature of the body. Not only does the body-field scan guide us on what Infoceuticals are needed, but it digs into a level of detail inspired by Hamer’s work. In other words, it points to areas of the brain and its relay points in the body, showing the associated conflicts that need to be cleared.

Brain holograms and liberator - release past shock & trauma.

Emotional Oscillators

NES Health spent decades researching and developing the body-field map and Infoceuticals

In a similar way, while Hamer’s work inspired NES’ research into the impact of shocks / traumas on the brain and its relay points in the body, NES’ results show a lot of similarities but also some differences from Hamer’s findings. Thus NES present's their own details under their own terminology.

NES Health, for instance, found that an unresolved emotional event set up an “emotional oscillator” – an ongoing energetic spherical presence around which those light-colored “rings” could show in brain CT scans. Through exhaustive research, NES identified how these disruptions altered other areas of the body through something they called the “morphic field.” NES agreed with Hamer that this was associated with the germ layers from which the entire body develops, but from a bioenergetic perspective, there are specific details of the body-field through which these activities take place.

The practical result of this work is that we now have four Brain Hologram Infoceuticals, one for each of the germ layers. (Conventionally, there are three germ layers, but in this model, the mesoderm is broken into two layers, so we have a total of four.) The NES body-field scan guides us on which of these is needed at any given time. Liberator Infoceutical works more broadly – across all germ layers – but not as deeply as the Brain Holograms. Named for the idea of freeing someone from their past, this makes Liberator more of a generalist (and a favorite among NES Health practitioners, like us) while the Brain Holograms can be considered specialists.

As an example, the “Brain Stem Hologram” (BSH) Infoceutical addresses the energetic residue of emotional issues resulting from shocks of abandonment, anger, mistrust, being denied, loss of self control, and more.

Brain holograms and liberator - release past shock & trauma.

How the Brain Hologram Infoceuticals Work

While NES Health was in the process of developing these new Infoceuticals, they were able to verify their theory that the human body-field as a whole consists of three fundamental fields which they called the morphic field, heart field, and matrix field. To understand how the Brain Hologram Infoceuticals work, it is necessary to have some understanding of these three fields. Here is a brief outline:

Morphic Field – Associated with the governing of shapes in the body covering the tiniest cells to the entire body. This field is also associated with the generation of healing messages via the Energetic Terrains and is the basis of the energetic immune system. All four of the Brain Holograms work within the morphic field, which is where subconscious emotions reside.

Matrix Field – The living fluid matrix, as it is sometimes termed, is formed from the connective tissue of the body and provides an interconnection highway for the transmission of body-field’s holographic messages. This highway allows instant communication between all parts of the body and is far faster and more comprehensive than the nervous system. The matrix contains the acupuncture meridians and provides the mechanism for carrying conscious emotions.

Heart Field – The heart produces a spectrum of different waves and fields ranging from electromagnetic waves to sounds (phonons) to physical pressure waves. It also activates the transfer of information around the body through the matrix. The heart field has an important role in synchronizing these three aspects of the body-field to form a coherent, single body-field.

In health, these three fields will be synchronized (congruent, or in phase). If they get out of sync – something that can happen from emotional shock conflicts – then information transfer between them becomes disrupted and illness becomes imminent. The four Brain Holograms and Liberator are powerful Infoceuticals for removing these disruptions and assisting the heart in restoring proper synchronization throughout the human body-field. In this way, they help to restore proper function to the body.



The releasing and unblocking process (accomplished with the NES miHealth, Infoceuticals, and complementary modalities) allows information to flow freely in the body-field. Energy is released in this process, which can result in heat in the body, activity generally, emotional outpouring, and other acute symptoms. As these resolve, we’re left with a more optimized body-field for promoting improved health, as well as a healthier balance of emotions.

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  • Founder and visionary behind Juneva Health with a personal drive and passion to help clients around the world to better manage and restore optimal health throughout their body in the most natural and supportive way. He takes a personal approach to health care, getting to know clients and connecting on an emotional level to fully understand their individual health situation. Wolfgang strongly believes that people should be in charge of their own health and wants to bring this new 'information (bioenergetic) medicine' system to wider public awareness. He's a NES-certified bioenergetic and homeopathic practitioner who graduated from the Los Angeles School of Homeopathy and holds an engineering and business degree.

  • At NES Health we are developing new tools for giving people control over their own health. We have also built an expanding worldwide network of more than 5,000+ healthcare professionals who work with the emerging field of Bioenergetics. Our vision for the future is to lead the new wave of bioenergetics beginning to emerge, through making our research, technologies and clinical studies to more medical and alternative health practitioners – and also into the mass awareness of the general public. Doing so will help empower each individual to better manage and restore their own health.

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