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Mind-Body Connections of Energetic Drivers 13-16

Mind-Body connections of energetic drivers 13-16.

In bioenergetics we acknowledge a strong connection between the mind and body. We know that one’s inner journey influences how energy plays out in the body and, as a result, how it affects our overall health.

Among the many ways we can look at this is through the Energetic Drivers within the NES system, which show us how well powered the body-field is in order to “drive” the energetic activity of the body. These Drivers are associated with most of the body’s organs and systems. When they are underpowered, we often see the physical correlation in terms of symptoms a client may be dealing with. But not everyone has reached the point of symptoms when viewing a scan, and they can do well to consider how priority readings represent blocks in one’s inner work as well.

Bruce Robertson was one of NES Health’s early educators and shared the following thoughts on Energetic Drivers 13-16 and their relation to one’s inner work. These are part of a larger concept called “The Creative Cycle” in the NES body-field view, in which every Driver has similar, important roles in how we go about life.

Mind-Body connections of energetic drivers 13-16.

Immune Driver – ED13

Keywords: Security, detection, neutralizing, decisiveness, commitment, choice, facing up to things, confidence (to make decisions).

The body’s immune system forms a defense mechanism to resist the detrimental effects of both external invaders and internal disturbances. Immunity is a highly evolved and complex physiological process. However, it can be divided into two fundamental aspects:

  1. The immunity you are born with, which is referred to by a number of names including: natural, innate, or non-specific immunity. This is a fast acting, general and first level of immunity. This is covered by ED13.
  2. Learned immunity, which is referred to as: acquired, adaptive, or specific immunity. Here the body learns to identify and destroy specific types of invaders. This is a slower but more specific type of immunity. This is related to ED14.

Immune Driver, then, relates to our security system. This system becomes operational when we encounter something within us that is identified as being foreign and threatening and not wanted. The immunity security system involves detection, resistance, and neutralizing. This is different to the boundary fence formed by Skin Driver (ED10).

Immunity driver contrasts the Liver/Kidney combination, which senses, filters, and transforms things to maintain balance and open up possibilities. Immunity is far more decisive and totalitarian; it just sets about neutralizing things it considers to be bad. It makes a definite decision and acts on that. In the wider context of life issues, Immunity Driver is about being decisive – distinguishing ‘this is good, this is not’ and neutralizing the unhelpful. Kidney Driver filters and senses in a gentle balancing way whereas Immunity Driver is very definite and decisive about things.

A decisive approach is an important quality for people to have in order to move forward in their lives. Decisions have to be made and a course of action followed. Progress needs to be monitored and adaptation will usually need to be made at some point, but ultimately the commitment to a definite action is required for success. And this is what in many ways Immunity Driver is about: committing to a goal and making decisions to fulfil that goal. Our experience has shown that Immunity Driver is often indicated where people are not making the decisions they need to in order to move on. They often do not feel secure enough to do so, and this dual aspect of security and decisiveness can be greatly aided by Immunity Driver Infoceutical.

As well as external matters requiring decisions, such as ‘what am I going to eat?’, there are also internal matters that require decisions. People acquire beliefs and thought patterns as they go through life and it is important to review these from time to time to decide if these are beneficial to reaching goals or detrimental to progress. Where a belief is clearly not helping progress, then it can be evolved or transformed to positive potential through the Liver Driver (ED11). On the other hand, some beliefs and thought patterns are so strong, negative, and detrimental that they require a definite, outright approach of the Immune Driver. The immune system is brutal and sometimes people need to look at things they would prefer not to – including fears, insecurities, and doubts – and just deal with them outright by calling in the security police of Immunity Driver.

We have worked with a number of people where the lack of a categorical ability to say yes and no and to clearly distinguish helpful from unhelpful was holding them back from change and moving towards their goals. Immunity Driver is often indicated in these instances, and the Infoceutical has proved useful in activating this latent aspect within people. They have regained the confidence to make definite choices and act on them.

Mind-Body connections of energetic drivers 13-16.

Spleen / Omentum / Thymus Driver – ED14

Keywords: Centeredness, confidence (to be oneself), openness, vulnerability, relaxation, force, reserves.

This particular Driver is a little different in that it covers a number of seemingly unrelated parts of the body: Spleen, Omentum, and Thymus. It is useful to start by recapping their functions in Western physiology terms.

The Spleen:

Creates white blood cells specifically for the destruction and recycling of old red blood cells. Forms a reservoir of blood for use in emergencies, such as in a haemorrhage. Is generally associated with the lymphatic system and immunity.

The Omentum:

A pocketed sheath that covers and attaches to the internal organs of the abdomen. It forms a shock absorber for abdominal organs. Is a fat and nutrient reservoir for abdominal organs. Provides immune functions for the abdomen. Contains a substantial neural presence, which links with the abdominal organs. Protects the abdominal organs from excessive temperature changes.

The Thymus:

Is strongly associated with learned (acquired, adaptive, specific) immunity through the T cells. Endocrine gland for stimulating immune function. So this Driver has quite a mixed bag of functions. For us, the overall nature of this Driver is one of vital reserves and protection of our more exposed abdominal organs. The vital organs of the brain, heart, lungs, and kidneys are shielded behind bone structures, but the abdominal organs are far more exposed and only shielded from the outside by a thin layer of skin and muscle. The Immune Driver, as we have just seen, is an in-your-face cut-and-dry primary defensive system providing security for the entire body. ED14 is more about a deeper protection for the exposed organs. 

As human beings, we have both our inner self and outer self, the one we present to the world. We have organs that are protected by hard matter and we have organs that are only shielded from the outside world by soft tissue. To progress in the world, we need a degree of openness where we expose our inner selves. To do this takes trust that we will be OK to show some of our inner self to the outside world.

In traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts, there is something called the Hara or tan-dien. This is a mystical region within the abdomen just below the naval. In pure physical terms, this point is called the center of gravity – that is to say it is the point where all the mass of the body is concentrated. Exponents of oriental martial/healing arts practice entering a centered mental state and activating this region. Once the Hara is activated, it is possible to connect with and harness something called Earth Force, which gives heightened physical abilities. The Shaolin monks demonstrate quite extraordinary physical feats through Kung Fu practice. They basically have activated Haras. This same force can also be used for healing and quieting the mind.

Spleen Driver links with the idea of the Hara. In practice, this is about people having a relaxed, confident, centered attitude that comes from being open and aware. This state of attitude allows things to happen naturally and in powerful ways. Many people have closed Haras through stress, tension, and fear of exposing their vulnerability. The Spleen Driver Infoceutical can help people resolve this seeming conflict of exposing vulnerability to allow things to happen. It helps people gain a new, open, confident stance where they can direct things with force.

The spleen provides reserves of our most vital substance – blood. The Omentum provides reserves of vital nutrients for the abdominal organs. Having a sense of reserves is part of feeling safe. If we are extended to our limits with no reserves then we will feel exposed and unable to cope with any more demands. Pursuing a goal will at times call on reserves. To make change involves risk as things may not happen as expected. ED14 can help people connect with their reserves and feel confident enough in themselves to take risks.

Mind-Body connections of energetic drivers 13-16.

Pancreas Driver – ED15

Keywords: Manage, control, facilitate, regulate, coordinate, delegate, organize, direct energy/activity.

The Pancreas Driver provides the activating information for the pancreas to perform its chemical functions. These include the production and secretion of digestive enzymes to break down food and the secretion of hormones associated with regulating blood sugar levels.

The pancreatic enzymes neutralize chyme (a thick semi-fluid mass of partly digested food that is passed from the stomach to the duodenum) and helps break down proteins, fats, and starch through the enzymes of proteases, lipase, and amylase.

Clusters of endocrine cells known as the islets of Langerhans exist on the pancreatic wall and secrete three hormones: insulin, glucagon, and somatostatin. These act in concert to control the flow of nutrients into and out of the blood circulation. The relative concentrations of these hormones regulate the rates of absorption and peripheral disposal of substances such as glucose, amino acids, and fatty acids.

So in essence, the pancreas is about ensuring food is broken down into its basic components to provide nutrition for the body and also managing the levels of these nutrients in the blood. The idea of management has important connotations with the life issues side of this Driver and this can be understood more by looking at how hormones and enzymes work.

Essentially enzymes manage chemical reactions in the body through what is known as catalytic action. Most of the chemicals of the body are fairly stable; that is, they do not spontaneously change by themselves from one chemical state to another. Something is required to activate and regulate chemical changes in the body, and this is what the enzymes are responsible for. Enzymes are directed to places in the body where chemical activity is required and, within their presence, stable chemicals start to react and change. The enzymes do not change themselves in the reactions; they stay neutral and oversee the change in other chemicals. They are basically managers. Managers in the real world do not do the physical work; they guide, instruct, and oversee workers to do work. Hormones act in a related way as well.

So in the wider context of life issues, we have found people with difficulty in managing their affairs (predominantly family related issues) will often come up with Pancreas Driver. These people may know what to do but just can’t seem to coordinate activities. They may have trouble with delegating tasks to others and want to do everything themselves. They may have poor ability to regulate what they are doing and organize their activities. They may also show a tendency to put their energy into non-productive activities and generally mismanage where they put their energy.

The use of Pancreas Driver Infoceutical has proved to be greatly beneficial with these types of people. It can really help them start to coordinate and direct activities in a fruitful and productive direction.

Mind-Body connections of energetic drivers 13-16.

Bone Driver – ED16

Keyword: Support, structure, protect, condense, end, complete.

Bones of the body have a number of functions:

  • Support the body structures.
  • Protect internal organs.
  • Assist in mechanical movement.
  • Store minerals, including calcium and phosphorus.
  • Produce red blood cells.
  • Store chemical energy in yellow bone marrow.

There are also quite a number of different type of bones:

  • Long
  • Short
  • Flat
  • Irregular
  • Sesamoid (floating bones such as the patella)
  • Sutural (small bones located within the structural joints between the cranial bones)

Bones provide support and give defined shape to the body. They also provide the attachment points for muscles. Our experience suggests people with high Bone Driver readings may be feeling unsupported in what they are trying to achieve. Support can be at a moral, emotional, or purely practical physical level. Life can feel very lonely and exposed if there is no sense of support.

Bones themselves are formed from a number of cell types, and these cells arrange themselves in a very structured way (matrix) to maximize the strength for the types of physical loads a bone will be exposed to. Having a strong support structure around one in life is reassuring and opens up more opportunities to progress, change, and grow. 

The right structure maximizes the ability to absorb impacts, stress, and knocks of life. Bone Driver may show in people who have not organized and set up a structure around them and feel exposed, unprotected, and unsupported. The use of Bone Driver Infoceutical has proved to be useful in helping people start to form a support structure so they feel more able to go out and do the things they want to.

Bone Driver is the last of the Drivers and represents the completion stage where the journey of reaching a goal solidifies into tangible results. High readings in Bone Driver can indicate a person has difficulty in completing a project or goal – closing the deal. They may have done all the preparation work but just can’t quite finalize the process. The use of Bone Driver Infoceutical has helped people move into the end game and finalize their goals.


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