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Explaining the Human Body-Field

Explaining the human body-field - with NES body-field scan and therapy you can improve your well being and health right from the comfort of your home.

You may have heard or read, “the human body-field” and never actually understood what it is or what it means.

The human body-field is what is at the root of your very being. 

The word "body-field" brings the idea to mind that it has something to do with energy fields within the body, but there's much more to it than that -- as you'll soon find out.

What is the Human Body-Field?

The human biofield (or body-field) is a complex set of fields made up of:

  • Electromagnetic charges from the nervous system;
  • Electrostatic fields set up around the charge in the nerves;
  • Low frequency longitudinal waves (sound waves), particularly from the chest cavity (especially the beating of the heart), electrical brain activity, and the expansion and contractions of the lungs. More subtle sources may include the movement of the blood, compression of the bones during activity, sounds of digestion, etc.;
  • The presence and movement of charge throughout the body, from activity of the cells to activity of the organs;
  • Source energy, which is basic to survival. It can be thought of as a kind of life-force energy. In the human body-field, it is affected by the shapes of all the body’s cavities, from large ones like the head, lungs, and stomach, to small ones like microtubules throughout the body (perhaps especially inside the lungs, brain, and kidneys).

This is for at least two reasons:

  1. Shape affects the build-up of structured water layers, which create a battery effect in the body
  2. Shape affects the tuning and amplification of sound waves

Chemistry drives the physiology of the body, allowing everything from DNA and cells to the nervous system and brain to perform the work that keeps us alive and healthy.

The fields of energy that stimulate the body and its physiology arise from the organs as a fetus develops.

Later, you'll see how this knowledge can be used to your advantage.

Explaining the human body-field - with NES body-field scan and therapy you can improve your well being and health right from the comfort of your home.

How Does the Body-Field Work?

Prof. Peter Fraser, founder of NES, proposes the body-field requires the presence of gravity and magnetic fields from the planet.

When the transfer of information is incomplete, nonexistent, or distorted, something goes wrong with the body-field’s arrangement of energy, and the result is health that isn’t optimal.

The notion of the biofield is hardly new: hundreds of subtle energy fields generated by the body have been postulated and identified down the ages.

The following are easy comparisons to help gain a quick image of the body-field:

  • The auric field – the aura is a set of energy bands that graduate in frequency and color as they move outward from the body. In traditional Oriental medicine, each auric field opens to different energy planes and energy bodies and partners with a chakra, thus exchanging information between the ‘worlds’ outside and inside the body.
  • Morphological fields – these allow exchanges between like-minded species and transfer information from one generation to another. They penetrate the aura as well as the electrical system of the body.

These are a few lesser known areas, that, while not known to many, can help you see how your body is affected.

  • Geofields – act upon all living organisms as do energies beyond the Earth (e.g., the moon, other planets and stars).
  • L fields and T fields – subtle electrical and thought fields which are acted upon by electrical and magnetic energies. L-fields are subtle physical fields measured electrically; T-fields are thought-fields. These fields compose the undetected aspects of the electromagnetic spectrum
  • The universal light field – this consists of photons or units of light that regulate every living thing. Under this theory, our DNA is made of light, and we are surrounded by a field of light.

In the end, what you have is external forces working with your body to create your own, particular body-field

The Body-Field and Physical Body are Interdependent

This same cellular activity gives rise, at least in part, to the body-field, which in turn directs and organizes the information that drives our biochemistry. 

It’s a chicken-and-egg paradox, and an example of how the real and virtual are both necessary for life processes. On the one hand, real chemical processes drive physiology, giving rise to the bioenergetic reality of the body-field; on the other hand, the body-field is responsible for directing the information that maintains that biochemistry.

Everything that happens at a biochemical level in your body is mediated by information. The body has to know what to do, when to do it, how much to do, and where the activity should take place, and it has to carry out millions of actions accurately in milliseconds. 

Body and body-field are like two sides of a coin; both biochemistry and bioenergetics mutually contribute to its homeostasis.

A real-life example of the interconnected nature of the body-field and body's functions:

Consider the digestive system. When you take a bite of the food the teeth physically break the food up. The mouth also secretes saliva which starts the initial chemical breaking down of food. 

The food then enters the stomach and its acidic environment which continues the chemical digestive processes. 

The small intestines form a long tube that leads from the stomach, and the food passes along this where digestive enzymes from the pancreas and bile from the gallbladder are introduced to complete the chemical digestive processes. 

Finally, the beneficial nutrients are absorbed through the small intestine’s wall, they enter the blood stream to nourish the body, and the waste enters the large bowel.

The above describes the physical and chemical processes of digestion, but let’s now look at the digestive process from an information perspective

Firstly, you need to be able to distinguish food from other things: you need information on what food is. Once you have taken a bite of, say, an apple, the salivary glands need information on when to start secreting and how much to secrete. The body needs to pre-empt the arrival of particular foods in the small intestine so the correct digestive enzymes can be produced. These need to be secreted at the right time, in the right quantity — which all requires information.

Conventional biochemistry looks at the digestive process as some sort of reflex action, an automated sequence of events which the body somehow intuitively knows what to do. They reduce the process down to the smallest chemical reactions and look at it from that perspective, and for sure these documented chemical reactions do happen.

But from a bio-informational perspective, we are interested in how the body knows what to do and what controls, organizes, and synchronizes all the millions of events required to essentially reorganize atoms of the food into beneficial nutritious arrangements for our survival. And as has been pointed out, organizing events takes information, and rearranging atoms is a highly organized process.

What This Means for You

Many traditional and non-traditional healers and complementary healthcare practitioners claim to work with the human energy field, either as a series of chakra-like fields or as a pervasive whole-body energy field. Most, however, have not conducted research into the biofield. Among the notable exceptions is former acupuncture professor, homeopath, and TCM practitioner Prof. Peter Fraser.

For more than 30 years, he explored the human biofield / body-field and formulated a comprehensive theory that reveals the biofield as a complex, structured network of fields that interpenetrates the physical body and underlies all physiology. Peter Fraser’s theory integrates physics and biology, and updates traditional Chinese medicine by correlating it to modern biology in great detail.

Meridian-like channels coordinate the information that drives millions of chemical processes, ensuring that the correct information gets to a specific place in the body at the precise time it is needed.

The human body-field is an intelligent, self-organizing, self-correcting, self-maintaining energetic and informational structure that, according to Peter Fraser, functions at the level of QED [quantum electro-dynamic] and quantum holography. 

It is an information management system responsible for ensuring correct communication and integration between all the aspects of a human. It is in continual flux as it goes about its job of overseeing the vast number of intimately linked processes required of a functioning individual.

Explaining the human body-field - with NES body-field scan and therapy you can improve your well being and health right from the comfort of your home.

With correct information, these processes can be ordered and synchronized in a healthy way and allow a person to adapt and react to environmental changes. But where there is poor communication, these processes will not function well and a person’s ability to adapt is compromised.

To learn more about obtaining a personalized scan of your body-field and more about Infoceuticals and how they may fit into your wellness protocol, talk to one of our certified NES Practitioners to get started.


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