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My Son Was Harmed by the DPT Shot | Barbara Loe Fisher

Barbara Loe Fisher - the tragic story about how her son's was harmed by the DPT shot.


I was a first-time mom. [I had] a little boy in 1980, when I took him in for a fourth DPT shot. And back then, parents hadn’t been told anything about vaccines, the fact that they could cause reactions, injuries, deaths. So he actually had DPT and oral polio vaccine that day, and within hours of that fourth DPT shot, in 1980 at age two and a half, I witnessed reactions and I didn’t know they were reactions. He had a convulsion, a collapse shock and a brain inflammation, but because I’d been told nothing by my pediatrician about how to recognize vaccine reactions, I didn’t understand what I was witnessing. I now know he could’ve died in his bed that night. I know that if I hadn’t awakened him in the middle of this reaction, which I didn’t understand was a reaction, I think he would’ve been catastrophically brain injured. What happened after that shot is that he regressed… physically, mentally and emotionally and became a totally different child.


Watch the documentary film "DPT Vaccine Roulette" Barbara mentions in her interview.


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2 thoughts on “My Son Was Harmed by the DPT Shot | Barbara Loe Fisher

    • Wolfgang Scheinhart says:

      Unfortunately, current regulations don’t give you much options on that end, but you certainly should a) detox after vaccination (especially aluminum, which is in all vaccines) and b) clear the energetic distortions it may have left you with. For the detox support use Nano Zeolite spray, Magnesium Oil, and Magnetic Clay baths (watch the the video on top of our Detox Support page here). The NES therapy can help assess and address any underlying energetic blockages and distortions that trigger chronic health issues.

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