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Information Medicine – Part 5 – Quantum Biology & Healing

Quantum biology and healing are essentially the concepts behind bioenergetic therapy.

In this 10 part series we will cover all the important elements about Bioenergetics, NES BioEnergetiX WellNES System and the Science behind it, that make it the most effective energy healing system in the 21st century. So, please watch this space for future parts.

Part 5

  1. First, if this section makes you uncomfortable, it should. It breaks the very foundation of how most of us see the world, yet it is based on the physics of life. Second – and this can be hard for people to understand – is that the physical reality we experience and know is ultimately constructed from energy waves, controlled by fields, to give the illusion of matter. These fields manifest from an interaction between collective consciousness (the total of all information and fields created) and our consciousness, at the center of our own reality creating the illusion of a 4D physical reality.
  2. The easiest way to view this is as though reality is a hologram, where everything is interconnected, everything contains the whole, where the information of all our realities is in the collective consciousness or the overall field, and the illusion of separation is created from our own consciousness or field interacting with the collective consciousness to create our own individual reality. This doesn’t mean reality is an exact reflection of your own thinking, or like some LSD trip, as both fields follow certain patterns such as fractals, and the collective consciousness field has been created over time and created a consensus reality for us to interact with. However, it does have some super interesting principles which, as bioenergetic healers, we harness for the health and energy of ourselves and our clients.
  3. The first principle is that your intention really matters. We all know about the so-called placebo effect, which is generally the most important effect in most pharmaceuticals and nutritional products. The truth is there is no such thing as a double-blind experiment; you cannot double blind a quantum universe, where every particle is connected. The simple fact that the trial is occurring with the collective intention of the researchers, the money, the media, and the companies behind it, means that the people receiving the real therapy are also connected to the healing power of the collective intention, giving the trial an artificial boost that has nothing to do with the actual therapy.

    Over the past 50 years, the evidence is solid: initial trials show a marked difference between the placebo and the therapy while there was a lot of positive intention behind the trial; but in most cases, over the years, this difference reduces to either zero difference or a negative difference as the collective intention diminishes and prolonged exposure to isolated biochemical therapies has its own detrimental effect.

    1/3 is often quoted as the impact of placebo, but that is only looking at the placebo side. It’s ignoring the actual therapy side. In a quantum universe, the strength of collective intention and interconnectivity of our reality makes it likely closer to around 65% or more, depending on how you view reality. So much for double-blind pharmaceutical trials.

    What does this mean? Can we just harness the placebo effect? And how does it affect information and energy fields?

  4. Fortunately, and not surprisingly, information and energy fields of the body are easily accessed and enhanced through intention. Intention gives you the ability to focus and create the response that you want.

    It also gives the possibility to focus on unwanted effects. For instance, the more you worry about your detoxification reactions or uncomfortable healing responses, the more the body’s receptors will pick up that information and react accordingly.

    However, before you think that you can change an Infoceutical and miHealth therapy to something completely different purely through intention, you can’t. It’s more like a modifying effect as in A + B = C, not a direct replacement effect. Just like with pharmaceutical trials, the biochemical agent still has its effect even if its effect is enhanced temporarily by collective intention.

    One of the marvels of the Infoceuticals is the amount of detailed research done through resonance matching to find the most beneficial sets of information to communicate to the cells of your body. While the information in the Infoceutical is the most direct summary and output of the research, the Infoceutical is also connected in the field to all of the experiments, knowledge, and intention of the 35 years of research that went into creating them, adding to their power in our collective consciousness.

    Visualizing a connection between you and this body of research and creation of the NES BioEnergetiX WellNES System by simply visualizing yourself completely healthy, taking your Infoceuticals and achieving your health goals – can help you improve your results and give you more Energy for Life.

  5. In the case of known pathology in particular organs, something to watch for in a quantum universe is to avoid creating the expectation that these organs will have too uncomfortable a healing response to Infoceuticals. In a quantum reality, expecting these organs to react more strongly makes that reality more probable. Rather, set your intentions on a healthy, optimizing response from these organs in order to make that reality more probable.
  6. In a quantum and field-based reality, your cells and the Body-Field communicate using resonance. This is a double-edged sword till you realize the power of resonance. One of the implications is that, when your body is tuned into a lower energy state such as when you’re diseased, you actually attract and tune into information and energy from the field that isn’t healthy and can seem to perpetuate the problem, leaving you wondering how to get back to health.

    For instance, some people don’t seem to be bothered by cell phone waves, whereas once you become sensitive or even aware, your cells seem to tune into them more and overreact to them, making you more ill in a self-perpetuating cycle.

    The opposite of that could be surrounding yourself with and tuning into the beneficial effects of the great outdoors, green juices, miHealth treatments, relationships, movement, good food, and water, leading your cells to tune into those signals more, enhancing and healing your body. Most of the time, we are surrounded by many forms of energy fields that are both life enhancing and life degrading. We should focus on surrounding ourselves with better environmental signals and their benefits and, when our environment is temporarily not optimal, tuning ourselves into the parts that are beneficial and ignoring what isn’t.

  7. One of the implications of our quantum-based reality is commonly known as the “observer effect,” which means that the observer is interconnected with and effects experiments … and our reality. It’s typically assumed that this only applies to the double-slit experiment, yet more expansive physicists believe it even applies to the light that has come from stars.

    Biologists specializing in photosynthesis have also realized that somehow photons know and take the most efficient path in a plant to convert the sun’s energy into charged electrons. The plants have their own consciousness and, through observing the sun, are able to direct the path of photons to precisely where they are needed to generate energy.

    There are many religions, spiritual philosophies, and modern self-help movements that know about the ability of human intention to manifest seemingly unlikely correlations between thought and observed reality. This is especially true in more subtle tests, as in tests of fields vs tests of physical bodies. This has a major implication for the scan, in that the knowledge it imparts to both client and practitioner, along with the information in the scanning algorithm that is connected to you, changes reality and thus intentions (down to the subconscious level), so that if you scanned again, the results would be different. This is why we recommend that you wait until you’ve completed your current protocol before you scan again, allowing changes in your body to reflect what the new scan will say.

    This also explains many of the problems in functional diagnostic testing, such as with many forms of allergy testing, where mindful practitioners will swear by the accuracy and when skeptics test them for repeatability they fail miserably. They are ignoring the observer effect. While more obvious in subtle tests, it is still prominent in the more commonly accepted test. The difference is that there are more people creating a strong field or collective consciousness effect around the more commonly accepted test, making its repeatability appear more stable.

  8. One of the implications of a quantum reality is that time is just a construct for our human experience created as we observe and interact with the overall collective consciousness of possibilities. This enables some of the more extraordinary healing effects that have been observed with NES’ BioEnergetiX WellNES System and the overall world of energy healing.

    It is worth reading (or listening to) the experiments done by Princeton University called the PEAR studies, detailed in Lynne McTaggart’s book (or audio), The Field. In these experiments, researchers were able to show that intention could affect physical reality by influencing random event generators in the present, in the past, and in the future reliably and in a statistically valid manner.

    There have been healers in the past and present, who have been able to heal people with physical problems and take them from one state to another instantaneously, bypassing what we would expect in a world of linear time to be possible. One example of this is in NES’ film, The Living Matrix, where a Greek boy with cerebral palsy – who was not able to walk or straighten his arms –was able to get off the table and walk after one healing session.

    There is no special technique involved with this, and often it just happens by itself, especially if you get out of your own way by relaxing and not overthinking! One way that helps is simply visualizing yourself as well. Children and animals respond particularly well to NES’ BioEnergetiX WellNES System because they don’t get in their own way by doubt or worry about their disease. As they heal, they tend to stay healed.

  9. The Life Journey screen with the Choice Point wisdom helps you to ultimately reach a point of faith in love, of contribution, of facing and overcoming fears. In our quantum-based reality, where consciousness interacts with the collective consciousness to create our experience, to truly heal and progress our Life Journey’s, we have to (as Gandhi says) literally be the change that we wish to see in the world. Much is transformed simply by thinking and acting out of love as much as we can and overcoming the fear of the consequences to our hearts as we do so. Choose to have more faith in love and the positive unfolding of life than faith in fear and the negative unfolding of life. The more you’re able to be and tune into love, the more life will unfold with love, including periods that may be appear as crises, but which lead to even greater experiences and transformation.
  10. One powerful way to help us to heal and overcome our fear of extending the love is to release past traumas that hold us back. These affect us emotionally and physically. The Brain Hologram Infoceuticals help us to release trauma in the form of “emotional oscillators,” in the brain, which in turn affect related tissues in the body. The Liberator and Chill Infoceuticals help us to bring subconscious thought processes to our conscious awareness for processing; many of these thinking “tape loops” can be caused by trauma.

    When trauma is released, it allows your information and emotions to flow properly in the Body-Field once more, helping you to overcome subconscious fears and negative emotions and to experience positive thoughts and emotions instead. Generally, it feels like a release, a sense of relaxation, often with a conscious forgiving of all parties related to the trauma so that you’re able to continue with more faith in love than faith in fear.

    This may temporarily make you more tired as you relax and regenerate from years of holding that tension. Afterwards you can experience an increase in energy to create the life you want. The Mind Body screen combined with the Life Journey screen is extraordinarily powerful when it’s harnessed to its full potential, going way beyond physical ailments. Like everything else in reality, there is no separation between what is going on in the physical body and your overall life. Both can be dramatically enhanced together.


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  • Founder and visionary behind Juneva Health with a personal drive and passion to help clients around the world to better manage and restore optimal health throughout their body in the most natural and supportive way. He takes a personal approach to health care, getting to know clients and connecting on an emotional level to fully understand their individual health situation. Wolfgang strongly believes that people should be in charge of their own health and wants to bring this new 'information (bioenergetic) medicine' system to wider public awareness. He's a NES-certified bioenergetic and homeopathic practitioner who graduated from the Los Angeles School of Homeopathy and holds an engineering and business degree.

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