Information Medicine – Part 6 – Quantum Information Transfer

Quantum information transfer is a foundational element within bioenergetics.

In this 10 part series we will cover all the important elements about Bioenergetics, NES BioEnergetiX WellNES System and the Science behind it, that make it the most effective energy healing system in the 21st century. So, please watch this space for future parts.

Part 6

The NES BioEnergetiX WellNES System scan and remedies assess and correct the Human Body-Field. This is a field of energy and information that we see as the master control system of the biochemical body. The sciences that study energy and information in biology are known as biophysics or quantum biology.

The key to understanding how quantum biology control systems work is the concept of information transfer or exchange. Body mechanisms require information in order to function.

Take the heart, for example. The heart needs to know how fast to pump to adequately supply oxygenated blood to the body. When exercising, the heart must be constantly informed about when to beat faster and when to slow down. If the information is incorrect and it beats too quickly at night, sleep becomes difficult. Heart rate is controlled by known physiological and biochemical mechanisms, but ultimately it is information that tells the heart how fast to beat.

In short, we don’t deny known biochemical functions in the body, but we believe this is only half the story – the visible half. All these functions are driven by the physics of the body at a quantum level, and this involves energy and information.

The Ticket Analogy

To help understand information further, consider this analogy: to travel on a train, you need a ticket. The ticket is made from paper or card stock, and ink is printed onto its surface. Without the physical structure – the paper and ink – the ticket would not exist.

But simply having paper with ink on it won’t necessarily let you travel on a train. The paper must be in the form of a ticket and the ink must be printed in a way that it conveys information. The information carried on the ticket (destination, date, etc.) is a non-physical aspect to the ticket and gives it its usable function. It is not the ink. It is the non-physical meaning of the way the ink is organized. The meaning of the information on the ticket is determined by words, numbers, or barcodes on the ticket that can be interpreted.

It’s also not enough that they simply can be interpreted, but that they are interpreted correctly. If the ticket contains Chinese characters, for instance, and the ticket inspector cannot read Chinese, you will not be able to travel on the train despite the presence of the information. Moreover, if the characters on the ticket show it to be out of date, it is no longer valid.

As you can see, even though it’s easy to think of information as invisible and therefore not real, it is very real indeed. In the case of a ticket, it’s as important as the visible structure of the ticket. Both must be present in usable form with correct information both sent and received.

To illustrate the limitations of the biochemical model, consider analyzing the chemical make-up of the ticket. This will reveal what it is made from, but the information it is carrying can never be revealed in this way. With information, we are adding another dimension, that of biophysics, which completes the model.

The ticket’s elements can be likened to many aspects of the body. Take the nervous system, for instance. It has a physical / chemical presence that forms a conduit on which virtual information can flow. The meaning behind the nerve impulses is derived from interpretation of the information they are carrying. This is like a radio receiver deciphering radio waves and producing a sound that can be understood by the listener.

The meanings of things are the result of the interpretation of information. A common example of information confusion in the body is found in allergic reactions. With an allergy, the immune system misinterprets common food or environmental substances as invasive toxins. The subsequent immunoglobulin E (IgE) produced by the immune system induces histamine to flush out the foreign substance, resulting in the classic symptoms of an allergic reaction.

In this example, if the case of mistaken identity or confusion can be rectified, the allergy will no longer exist. This is why our goal is to correct the information in the Body-Field so it can properly instruct the body’s biochemical reactions.

Information transfer is fundamental to the existence of cells. Cells need to know just what is happening around them and what their companion cells are doing (external communication). They also need to know what is occurring within their own structures (internal communication). Like a school of fish swimming in unison, changing direction instantly together rather than slowly through audio and visual communication, there is constant instantaneous communication between cells happening through the Body-Field.


Body-Field Scan

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  • Wolfgang Scheinhart

    Founder and visionary behind Juneva Health with a personal drive and passion to help clients around the world to better manage and restore optimal health throughout their body in the most natural and supportive way. He takes a personal approach to health care, getting to know clients and connecting on an emotional level to fully understand their individual health situation. Wolfgang strongly believes that people should be in charge of their own health and wants to bring this new 'information (bioenergetic) medicine' system to wider public awareness. He's a NES-certified bioenergetic and homeopathic practitioner who graduated from the Los Angeles School of Homeopathy and holds an engineering and business degree.

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