Joint Health Has a Deeper Meaning

Joint health has a deeper meaning - a bioenergetic perspective.

In the US, July is National Arthritis Awareness month. Rather than focus on the negative, we like to focus on rejuvenating the body and feeding it positive information. At Juneva together with NES, we are focused on joint health and improved comfort.

Painful joints are not just physical manifestations, they are also connected to other messages from the body. For instance, ER 4 (Fingers) on a scan not only relates to fingers but also to the large intestine. ER 24 (Knee Joints) relates to knee health but also includes the kidney meridian.

When we then add in the Mind-Body associations things become even more interesting. ER 24 represents pride. Stiff, unbending knees are associated with stubbornness and obstinacy. Weak unstable knees are associated with low self-esteem and a lack of pride in our own achievements.

ER 4’s Mind-Body associations suggest the fingers not only represent dexterity but may be also linked to losing our dexterity and becoming less sensitive than we once were, both physically and emotionally; they also represent fine detail, so issues in this area may indicate an obsession with the petty and an unwillingness to look at the bigger picture.

The beauty of the Body-Field is that not only are we working on the physical sensations in the joints but we are also healing the root causes that manifest as joint discomfort. So, rather than putting a bandage on the outward symptom and then chasing that discomfort around the body for months and months, we can actually create real, total solutions for our clients.

The benefit of using just the Infoceuticals is that even if a client is not ready to address the emotions and potential past shock & trauma events that created the root energetic disturbance, the information provided to the Body-Field will resolve the distortion and create results far greater than what brought the client to us!

By adding in the interaction of the miHealth device, our clients usually begin to create the associations of the larger picture more quickly that are contributing to their joint discomfort.

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