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‘Get Up and Live’ with Muscle Driver Infoceutical

Get Up and Live With Muscle Driver Infoceutical.

Learn all about the Muscle Driver Infoceutical.

Muscle Driver - ED 9


This Energetic Driver (ED) is practically interesting from a life issues perspective. It is about expressing oneself and generating a state of ‘Get up and Go,' or, more appropriately, 'Get up and Live.'

Muscle Driver, in the conventional bioenergetic sense, covers the activating and maintaining of information for the muscles of the body. Obviously, muscles give us the ability to physically move our body and do the day-to-day things we do. Our independent mobility and physical actions are reliant on muscles.

Get Up and Live With Muscle Driver Infoceutical.

We can choose to move our arms and legs, walk at a certain pace, and open our mouths to speak and eat.

Muscles reflect our ability to be independent, and this aspect of Muscle Driver is particularly appropriate when interpreting life issues.

This driver is associated with:

  • Free will. To achieve what we want to achieve in life involves having a degree of independence. Being totally dependent on others takes away the idea of free will, and free will is an important part of achieving anything. Muscle Driver Infoceutical can help people express their independence and become more who they are. Muscles are the most obvious expression of free will for we can choose to move our body through the muscles.  
  • Cooperation. It is interesting to note that, although muscles give us independence, they also convey the idea of cooperation. Body movement is achieved by muscles contracting and releasing. Muscles work in what is known as ‘antagonistic pairs’ to achieve two-way movements. As an example: to lift the forearm, the bicep muscle contracts and the tricep muscle relaxes. To push the forearm down, the tricep contracts and the bicep relaxes. Biceps and triceps are an antagonistic pair of muscles and can achieve a change of direction with power and strength. So, muscles - and Muscle Driver - are about working together to achieve things in the real world. Cooperation is the word and cooperation with opposites is the notion. If two antagonistic muscles contract together they will fight each other, greatly restricting their ability to function. This happens in life: sometimes people seem to be fighting themselves, beating themselves up. Muscle Driver Infoceutical can help balance this tendency.
  • Strength. Muscles give us strength and stamina so we can work our way through the physical world. Strength and stamina are also functions of the mental world. Muscle Driver can help people to maintain a strong resolve to achieve their desired goal and not give up at the first hurdle. 
  • Change. Some people lack the resolve to make a commitment to change. They may feel mentally ready but at the point of commitment, something stops them. They may feel they do not have the strength to make the change, or they may feel they don’t have the support they need to make things happen (remember, muscles attach to bones, and it is the bones that support the muscular movement). Muscle Driver can help people launch themselves forward and make things happen.
Muscle Driver - with NES body-field scan and therapy you can improve your well being and health right from the comfort of your home.

It has also been observed that muscles store memories of past shocks and traumas.

This can be seen quite readily in people who have adapted their body stance to a physical injury but maintain that adaptation even when the injury has healed. The physical may heal, but the memory of the trauma lives on and manifests in muscular tensions

Muscle Driver is a useful way of helping people let go of past experiences, which are no longer of use to them and inhibiting or restricting their independence, power, stamina, and ability to gracefully move through life.

We use our muscles to express our inner emotions. 

When we are happy, feeling alive, or pleased, our faces and bodies take on certain expressions and mannerisms. When we are said, unhappy, fed up, depressed, or defensive, our body's shape and expression changes.

Get Up and Live With Muscle Driver Infoceutical.

It is the muscles that alter the shapes and expressions we make, and so they have intimate links to emotions

Our inner feelings are expressed outwardly through muscular action.

Muscle Driver can show up on the body-field scan when people feel they cannot express themselves. They feel contained and restricted, lacking freedom to move in a way they would like to. While Circulation Driver (ED 5) is about flowing, Muscle Driver is about having the confidence of independence to work through the tough bits of life and freely express ourselves.

Life is not always a smooth-flowing journey. There are hills to climb. Cell Driver (ED 3) gives us an identity; Muscle Driver gives us the ability to express that identity.


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