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8 Ways To Reduce Carbon Footprint In Your Hair Care Routine

8 ways to reduce carbon footprint in your hair care routine.

It may be true that huge conglomerates are the primary roots of environmental damage. However, you can't refute the fact that each individual also has their fair share of contributions to harming Mother Nature. From water and electricity to the usage of synthetic materials, you're bound to leave carbon footprints in your lifetime.

But wait.


What Exactly is a Carbon Footprint?

Simply put, a carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases humans use to sustain their lifestyle. There's no getting away with these - you either contribute to the carbon emission directly or indirectly. These range from your diet, transportation choices, and even your hair habits.

That's right, even the products and the practice you use in your hair care routine contribute to your overall carbon footprint. Here are eight foolproof ways to be more eco-friendly while taking care of your mane:

Switch to Shampoo Bars

There are a lot of reasons why more and more people are switching to shampoo bars. It's pretty understandable given the solid hair cleanser's extensive list of benefits. Of course, at the forefront of these pros is their positive effect on Mother Nature.

When you opt to use shampoo bars over liquid ones, you've taken the first step into carbon footprint reduction. Note that liquid shampoos are packed in vessels made of plastic, a significant contributor to carbon emissions. Contrary to this, solid shampoo is biodegradable and made of natural ingredients to boot.

Upcycle Empty Containers

You can never go wrong with the basics, so keep to heart how to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Once you've squeezed out the last drops of your conditioner, it's time to think of ways you can upcycle the empty bottle. That's right - aim to be more creative than immediately throwing your empties straight into the bin.

This is a great way to kickstart your journey towards sustainability since you're joining the campaign against single-use plastic. Some companies go to great lengths to collect empty bottles and refill them for your benefit. You could even go the hands-on route and craft something neat enough to showcase.

Brace Yourself for Cold Showers

Admittedly, hot baths are the pinnacle of self-care and relaxation. However, doing them often isn't good for your hair and the environment. For the record, constant hot water usage contributes to energy consumption and harmful gas emissions.

This is where cold showers enter the scene - they don't need as much power and electricity. As a bonus, it's proven to do wonders on your tresses and curls. These include the promotion of hair growth and that picture-perfect shine many are gushing over.

Invest in an Eco-Friendly Regime

Going green does not mean you're required to take big steps from the get-go. It's much better to start small, like getting your money's worth of cruelty-free hair products. Needless to say, you won't have to splurge too much in building your eco-friendly hair regime.

There are plenty of affordable options in the market, ranging from hair washing to hairstyling products. These are formed with earth-conscious ingredients that are healthier alternatives than chemical ones. Also, not only are they ethically sourced, but they will last you for a much longer time.

Explore Heatless Hairstyles

There's no denying that heat styling tools make life easier and more convenient. However, you're doing Mother Nature a favor by stepping away from these devices. Your mane will thank you too because you're saving it from irreversible drying and damage.

Rather than getting your hands on a blow dryer or a straightener, try learning a few heatless hairstyles. This will give you a break away from modern electrical gadgets that do more harm than good. Also, these hairdos are a must for slow days, like when doing yoga or sleeping in.

Get Yourself Some DIY Alternatives

Nothing beats going green than creating your very own DIY haircare substitutes. This is an excellent move for when you're not keen on buying eco-friendly products in the commercial market. Aside from being completely sure that the formula is chemical-free, it's also a lot more affordable.

You could start with using coconut or any natural oil as a hair mask instead of getting processed ones. Flaxseed also does a phenomenal job in styling and taming your locks. Whatever you do, aim for all natural ingredients for your DIY hair projects.

Dig Deeper Into Your Brands

Reducing your carbon footprint does not require you to totally cease your hair care shopping spree. You're free to browse the aisles and even buy some products down the line. Well, this is as long as you keep an eye out for their labels and list of ingredients.

Aside from looking for biotin or collagen in the back of the bottle, it's ideal to get to know your brand better. Watch out for sulfates, parabens, phthalates, or any derivatives in the formula. Take it up a notch and familiarize yourself with their goals, production process, and energy conservation methods.

Watch Out for Your Water Consumption

Water is a precious commodity and limiting your consumption of it reduces your carbon footprint. If you're wondering how this helps in doing so, check out where your liquid supply is coming from. For it to be available at your beck and call, the water has to be processed and filtered of impurities.

In fact, even the deed of water transportation requires the usage of energy and fossil fuels. It also emits many greenhouse gases, increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. To counter this, try to save water by turning off your tap when you're shampooing your hair. You could even lessen your hair washing days to conserve the resource further.


To Wrap it Up

Minimizing your carbon footprint does not mean you have to spend unnecessary money or exert all-out effort. Often, it's all about taking the time to be mindful of what products you're using on a daily basis. You're free to go green one step at a time, like focusing on improving your hair care regimen.


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