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The Uncertain Promise of a COVID Vaccine

The uncertain promise of a COVID vaccine.


With the prospects of a second wave of infection later in the years, many are holding out for the promise of a COVID-19 vaccine. The promise being offered by the World Health Organization, governments, vaccine developers and funders like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is that a vaccine will eliminate the danger of the virus and release us from lockdowns, social distancing and other measures that have created the biggest disruption to human life and economies seen for over 70 years. But the process of developing safe and vaccines using technologies that have never been used on a large scale, and doing this under an unprecedented warp speed time-frame, is far from straightforward.


NOTE: If you don't want to rely on or consider vaccination as your best option to stay healthy, find out more about how a body-field scan works here and how it can become the basis to restore your energy and immune system, and, thereby your overall well-being.


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