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Celebrate Our Mothers and Their Health!

Wishing happy mother's day with a dozen pink roses.

No matter if it’s your birth mother or a stepmom, grandmother, aunt, neighbor, coworker, or friend’s mom. Whoever your mom – or mother figure is – they are all amazing, and it’s important we honor and celebrate them this Mother’s Day, May 10.

We often don’t realize what a rewarding and tough role moms’ have 24/7 365 days a year – and it never ends. Being a mother isn’t just giving advice, cleaning and dressing wounds, and driving back and forth to school and practices. You need them just as much when you’re older than as a child – sometimes even more than ever. And even though we are (and should be) grateful for them every day, it’s nice to show them our appreciation and the impact they’ve made on our lives for at least one day.

Regardless if it's a first-time mom or a great-grandmother – motherhood is a journey with new perspectives and learning curves. All these amazing women make it their duty to ensure we are happy and healthy. So, let’s return the favor and take care of them as they do to us.

“To the world you may be one person, but to one person, you are the world.”

Giving the gift of health is one of the most thoughtful gifts a mom can receive, and our health and wellness services offer a wide range of screenings, therapies, and procedures to let them know just how much their health means to us. Mother’s Day can be bittersweet for some. A number of moms are spending Mother’s Day in the hospital with a sick child or long-term chronic issues – and it’s important we keep them in our thoughts and remember that they are the real Wonder Women.

Our Love Kit can be the perfect launching pad to assist moms in their personal transformation.

And, if you really want to turn their health around, help them gain a deeper insight into what's impacting their health and well-being with our Total Wellness Session (Telehealth), using our revolutionary bioenergetic scanning and therapy technology. We're also running a special promotion with our NES Scanner Wellness Bundle and NES miHealth Pro Wellness Bundle.

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On May 10, let’s celebrate the special moms in our lives, because, let’s be honest; they’re the true superheroes. They may not all go out and save the planet, but we are thankful that they save our world and we want them around as long as we can!

Our love goes out to all the moms.


  • Founder and visionary behind Juneva Health with a personal drive and passion to help clients around the world to better manage and restore optimal health throughout their body in the most natural and supportive way. He takes a personal approach to health care, getting to know clients and connecting on an emotional level to fully understand their individual health situation. Wolfgang strongly believes that people should be in charge of their own health and wants to bring this new 'information (bioenergetic) medicine' system to wider public awareness. He's a NES-certified bioenergetic and homeopathic practitioner who graduated from the Los Angeles School of Homeopathy and holds an engineering and business degree.

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