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A short introduction to miHealth

NES miHealth - your personal bioenergetic health companion that incorporates PEMF therapy, body field scan and restoring healthy mind body pattern in a handheld, non-invasive biofeedback device.

The award winning miHealth handheld device offers Fast Results and Quick Relief… right at your fingertips! ... Used by a wide range of practitioners, from surgeons, to chiropractors, from massage therapists to holistic health practitioners...with a wide range of uses; from treating scars and burns, to inflammation and muscle pain....for everything from calming down stress and managing emotional health, to even enjoying a good night’s sleep, and much more.

So why is it the ‘must have’ device that’s sweeping the globe in holistic health, as well as the most talked about new device in integrative medicine?

And how does it achieve such astounding - and near instantaneous results?

CEO of NES Health, Harry Massey explains...


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