The Leon Show—Vaccines and our Children

The Leon Show - Dr Suzanne Humphries about vaccines and our children.


The history of vaccination is important because human beings have actually created a lot of their own problems. Now, while they didn’t create the viruses and the bacteria, at least back then they didn’t… today, they are, they created the conditions that made these microbes extremely dangerous. So, when you look at how people were living 150, 200 years ago, let’s take for instance English… where there were peasants that were living out on the land that was owned by the wealthy and they were able to grow their own vegetables and they had clean water that they were able to retrieve on their own, and they were doing okay… And diseases weren’t spreading like wildfire because the population was living farther apart… Then comes something called the Land Enclosure Act where the people that owned the land were then able to say, I don’t want you there anymore, you have to leave. And so all these peasants were forced into the cities, and it was during the industrial revolution.


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