No Studies To Prove Vaccines Are Safe

No studies to prove vaccines are safe.


I wonder if the CDC has conducted or facilitated a study comparing vaccinated children yet… have you done that?

"We have actually done a number of studies looking at the relationship between Thimerosal vaccines and autism and other developmental disabilities. There have been, over the last decade, numerous studies looking at the relationship between and aspects..."

That the CDC conducted?
"Some of them were conducted by the CDC and others were conducted by..."

How many would you say, would you estimate?

"I would actually have to check with the specific numbers, but I know there were two… one large study looking at various neurodevelopmental disorders, and the second one that focused specifically on autism. Those were fairly recently."

Not covered in the report brief are further findings of the committee.

The committee encountered two major issues in its review of the findings in the scientific literature. First, the concept of the immunization “schedule” is not well developed. Most vaccine-related research focuses on the outcomes of single immunizations or combinations of vaccines administered at a single visit. Although each new vaccine is evaluated in the context of the overall immunization schedule that existed at the time of review of that vaccine, elements of the schedule are not evaluated once it is adjusted to accommodate a new vaccine. Thus, key elements of the entire schedule—the number, frequency, timing, order, and age at administration of vaccines—have not been systematically examined in research studies.

The second major issue that the committee encountered was uncertainty over whether the scientific literature has addressed all health outcomes and safety concerns. The committee could not tell whether its list was complete or whether a more comprehensive system of surveillance might have been able to identify other outcomes of potential significance to vaccine safety. In addition, the conditions of concern to some stakeholders, such as immunologic, neurologic, and developmental problems, are illnesses and conditions for which etiologies, in general, are not well understood.

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