Big Pharma Extorts People Worse Than Somali Pirates | Peter Gotzsche, MD

Big pharma extorts people worse than Somali pirates - Nordic Cochrane Centre Director.


An old saying has it that nature heals while doctors take the fee. But our guest today argues that doctors’ relationship with money has come into direct conflict with nature’s ability to heal. How blurry is the line between healing and killing? Well, to discuss it I am now joined by Dr. Peter Gotzsche, director of the Nordic Cochrane Centre. Now, the central thesis of your work is that people in the developed world consume too many drugs, and quite often it’s the drugs rather than pre-existing conditions that end up killing them. How big is the problem? It is an enormous problem. It’s one of the biggest problems we have in the world today, but people don’t realize how terrible it is. I have estimated that our prescription drugs are the third major killer after heart disease and cancer. And I have recently looked at psychiatric drugs, and these drugs are so harmful that they alone are also your third major killer after heart disease and cancer.

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