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Pros And Cons Of Sun Exposure (And How Bioenergetic Therapy Can Help)

Pros and cons of sun exposure (and how bioenergetic therapy can help).

The sun provides a source of energy across the full electromagnetic spectrum. But how much sunlight is good - and where do we draw the line when it comes to our health?

Much of the sun's radiation is handled by the earth’s atmosphere.

​The sunlight that reaches the earth includes infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) radiation as well as visible light. Associated wave lengths for these parts of the electromagnetic spectrum are shown below. The IR portion is experienced as heat; the visible and UV portions influence our circadian rhythms and various aspects of our physiology.


Circadian Rhythms

Circadian rhythms are physical, mental, and behavioral changes that follow a roughly 24-hour cycle.

They are produced by natural factors within the body, primarily in response to light and darkness in the environment.

Circadian rhythms are controlled by the body’s master clock, consisting of a group of nerve cells in the brain called the Supra Chiasmatic Nucleus (SCN). The SCN contains about 20,000 nerve cells and is located in the hypothalamus. Circadian rhythms influence sleep-wake cycles, hormone release, body temperature and other important bodily functions.

Abnormalities in circadian rhythms have been linked to a range of health issues, such as sleep disorders, obesity, diabetes, depression, bipolar disorder, and seasonal affective disorder.

Sunlight (or broad-spectrum artificial light) and the cycle of light and darkness are essential in maintaining our circadian rhythms, ensuring that we feel energized and uplifted during the day and can obtain restful, restorative sleep at night.

UV Exposure - Pros And Cons

The sun’s UV radiation is comprised of three bands with wave lengths from 100 to 400 nm:

  • UVA: 315 – 400 nm
  • UVB: 280 – 315 nm
  • UVC: 100 – 280 nm.

Most of the UVA radiation penetrates the atmosphere and reaches the earth’s surface. UVB radiation also penetrates the atmosphere, but only about 10 percent of UVB rays reach the earth’s surface. UVC radiation is absorbed by the ozone layer of the atmosphere.

UVA rays, having the longest wavelengths, penetrate deeper into the skin and are associated with health concerns such as premature aging of the skin, increased risk for skin cancer, elevated levels of free radicals, damage to the eyes, and suppression of the immune system. UVA penetrates glass, and radiation levels remain pretty constant throughout the day.

UVB rays, having a shorter wave length, penetrate less deeply into the skin, but higher doses cause burning of the skin. UVB can also increase the risk for skin cancer, promote free radicals, cause eye damage, and suppress the immune system. UVB does not significantly penetrate glass, and its intensity varies throughout the day, being strongest from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (Standard Time).

Despite their potentially negative effects, UVB rays can also provide significant health benefits as they help our skin produce vitamin D. With the ever-increasing recognition of the critical importance of vitamin D in supporting our health and well-being (including fighting cancer, improving body composition, increasing nitric-oxide production, reducing inflammation, and protecting us against infections), the benefits of properly managed sun exposure far outweigh the risks.

Health-Promoting Strategies

Osteopathic Physician Dr. Joseph Mercola, a big proponent of achieving and maintaining adequate levels of vitamin D, recommends you expose large portions of your skin to the sun, and you may need to do it for more than a few minutes. And, contrary to popular belief, the best time to be in the sun for vitamin D production is actually as near to solar noon as possible.

So, to use the sun to maximize your vitamin D production and minimize your risk of malignant melanoma, the middle of the day (roughly between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.) is the best and safest time.

During this time, you need the shortest exposure time to produce vitamin D because UVB rays are most intense at this time.

In terms of length of exposure, you only need enough exposure to have your skin turn the lightest shade of pink. This may only be a few minutes for some if you have very pale skin.

Once you reach this point, your body will not make any additional vitamin D and any additional exposure will only cause harm and damage to your skin.

Most people with fair skin will max out their vitamin D production in just 10-20 minutes, or, again, when your skin starts turning the lightest shade of pink. Some will need less sun, others more. The darker your skin, the longer exposure you will need to optimize your vitamin D production.

To counter-balance the less desirable effects of sun exposure, a diet high in antioxidants can help to neutralize free radicals and boost the body’s natural defenses. This would include foods rich in vitamins A, C, and E, and the mineral Selenium. Good sources include fresh, organic vegetables, berries, and certain types of nuts.

How Bioenergetic Therapy Can Help

The body-field scan can help assess the “health” of your circadian rhythms and, if needed, with the help of Infoceuticals we are able to restore them to a balanced state.

Nutrition Assessment

Let’s start with the Nutrition assessment as part of the body-field scan. The Antioxidants Field area highlights issues with the Free Radicals Field and the body’s ability to manage and metabolize vitamins A, C, D, and E, which all play a role in the body’s response to sun exposure.

The Minerals Field area as part of the Nutrition assessment includes indicators of the body’s ability to manage and metabolize Manganese, Zinc, Molybdenum, and Selenium, all of which have antioxidant properties and thus may have a role in relation to UV sun exposure.

Day/Night Rhythms And Environment Assessment

The body-field scan also includes Circadian Rhythms - Day and Night assessment, as well as what the body-fields current tolerance of Blue Light from the environment is.

Natural blue light is part of the sunlight spectrum; it is turned off when the sun sets and we switch from daylight to darkness. However, energy-saving lamps and screens from TVs, computers, and other digital devices also emit blue light which affects our circadian rhythms and upsets natural processes. A high reading of Blue Light on a body-field scan indicates the need to reset the circadian cycle by creating a different environment in the evening and at night. This includes reducing exposure to sources of blue light.

We can further see how well the body-field currently tolerates Far Infrared radiation, which influences our cell metabolism. Far infrared is infrared light at the lower frequency (longer wave length) range in the infrared spectrum. It is present naturally in sunlight and is used for therapeutic and sauna applications. High levels of far infrared radiation can have a distorting effect on our body-field and thus the correct functioning of cellular processes.

Infoceuticals Help Restore Balance (As Indicated By The Body-Field Scan)

One of the many benefits provided by the Day Infoceutical is that it aids the body-field in collecting and storing efficiently photons from sunlight – a major part of acquiring the much needed Source energy we require. Thereby, feeling more energized and more awake in the morning.

The Night Infoceutical, among other functions, supports the process that provides the electrons needed for protein and cell membrane repair and helps to correct circadian rhythms. It also plays a role in protecting us from electromagnetic influences during nighttime, while our detox processes are at work.

Energetic Driver (ED)-8, Energetic Integrator (EI)-3 and ESR Infoceuticals, can help with nutritional regulation issues.

Other items to watch in relation to UV sun exposure are Energetic Star (ES)-1—Lymph Immunity and General Radiation and ES-14—Cell Metabolism.

Energetic Star (ES)-1 supports restoring the integrity of the body's immune system. It also relates to over-stimulation of the body-field by man-made and natural electromagnetic radiation, such as radio waves, computers, mobile phones, radar, and solar radiation.

ES-14 can help address an incorrect functioning cell metabolism. Environmental toxins, including electromagnetic fields, and high levels of far infrared radiation, can result in body-field distortions that inhibit cellular processes.



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