How will I benefit from a subscription plan?

Besides taking advantage of the cost savings our subscriptions (e.g. Total Wellness Plans) offer over purchasing the individual elements included in Total Wellness Plans (e.g. sessions/appointments, Infoceuticals), you also enjoy additional benefits extended only to our subscription members, such as priority treatment for booking appointments, products and content available only to members and discounts on all other purchases (with some exceptions such as, but not limited to, Total Wellness Plan subscriptions, items on sale or gift vouchers).

Our subscriptions (e.g. Total Wellness Plans) also provide you with peace of mind and cost effective preventive health care coverage we highly recommend to our clients. Achieving health and well-being is a lifelong journey and our body-field is dynamic and will continue to experience distortions. Regularly restoring your body's homeostasis can lead to impressive states of overall health, energy, and vitality. This important preventive health care aspect of our bioenergetic approach helps you maintain optimal functioning of your body addressing potential health issues before they become more serious or even occur.

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