How do I collect a hair sample?

Collecting your hair sample is simple. Your kit includes a “hair scale” to ensure you collect the right amount.

You will collect your hair sample from the top and back of the head (draw an imaginary line across your head from the top of the ears to the nape of the neck). This provides a wide area to collect samples.

Using stainless steel scissors merely cut 10 to 15 strands of hair at each location. Use multiple locations until your hair scale tips.

Cut the hair as close to the scalp as possible. Keep the 1.5-inch (or shorter) of the sample closest to the scalp and discard the rest. Place each sample on the hair scale until the scale tips.

Once the scale tips, indicating a sufficient weight of hair, simply place the hair sample into the provided hair sample collection envelope and then place that envelop together with the completed Hair Submission Form into the prepaid return mailing envelop you received from us. For more details, see How to Cut a Hair Sample for Analysis.

Do not pull your hair by the roots!

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