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How Does Crystal Healing and Bioenergetics Work?

How Does Crystal Healing and Bioenergetics Work.

Crystal healing has become popular among those seeking alternative or complementary options on their journey to health and wellness. The process involves the selection and placement of crystals and gemstones on and around someone, generally as they lie in a relaxed state. Depending on his or her technique, the healer may also hold and point crystals toward areas they intend to assist, and may integrate other therapies like Reiki (energy healing through the hands), massage, etc.

Crystal healing and bioenergetics - with NES body-field scan and therapy you can improve your well being and health right from the comfort of your home.

The common explanation for how crystal healing works is that every crystal and gemstone has its own “healing frequency,” and that these frequencies have beneficial effects on the body.

From our perspective, this is a simple way to describe it for promotional purposes, but is not a fully accurate explanation, which we’ll explore here. As we explore this, you’ll see how crystal healing fits in alongside other “energy healing” (bioenergetic) modalities.


Does Crystal Healing Work?

Of course, for most people, the most important question isn’t how crystal healing works, but if it works to help heal the body, so let’s start there.

First, let’s draw a strong line between conventional medicine and healing modalities:

Conventional medicine sees a set of symptoms, gives it a disease name, and seeks to control or suppress those symptoms as a treatment or cure.

While individual doctors may dig deeper and look for causes and try to address those causes, the medical model is based on the outward expression of symptoms.

Complementary and alternative techniques, on the other hand, seek to support the body’s natural processes so it can heal itself from the inside out.

There is no attempt to diagnose or suppress a disease, but to support better health by addressing the many possible causes of one’s health concerns. These could include nutritional or environmental causes (including toxins and electromagnetic fields, or EMFs). They can also include thoughts and emotions, which can wreak havoc on the body. In this way, these alternatives take a holistic approach.

So, back to crystals: conventional science has not seen any physical benefit of crystal healing but does acknowledge that a crystal healing session can be emotionally beneficial by bringing someone into a relaxed state, much as meditation can.

In my view, this holds more weight than medicine usually acknowledges, although shifts in beliefs and emotions need to become long-term for true healing to occur. One crystal therapy session isn’t likely to make that happen, which may be a reason why science hasn’t seen its physical benefits. Crystal therapy sessions (or other energy healing / bioenergetic modalities) either need to be done regularly (even daily) with a health professional or need to become part of someone’s personal lifestyle to really make a difference.

How Does Crystal Healing and Bioenergetics Work.

As a result, the common view on crystal healing is that it only works because of the placebo effect. (One believes something will help, and as a result of the belief, it does help.) Two comments on this: First, articles with this opinion rarely mention that a great deal of conventional medicine works no better than placebo, including both sham drugs and sham surgeries working as well as the “real deal.” Second, as some in medicine do acknowledge, the results of placebo can be substantial. So, if something only provided a strong placebo benefit, this would already be a great thing.

Of course, what we really want is something that uses the power of the mind (placebo) and goes beyond that as well – something that works better than a placebo does. And this is where crystal healing struggles. While there are some forms of energy healing or bioenergetics that do perform beyond placebo, crystal therapies don’t have much research demonstrating the same.

Might crystal healing work better than placebo? Yes. But the nature of how it’s done could greatly alter research results. So even if a lot of studies were done, you might find those that showed the benefits of crystal healing … and others showing no benefits.

This has definitely been the case, for instance, with homeopathy. You get some studies showing it works, others that show it doesn’t. Yet more recent research into homeopathy has shown that homeopathic results depend both on the substances being diluted and the exact level of dilution. Biological impact of homeopathy comes and goes at different dilution levels.

Crystal healing and bioenergetics - with NES body-field scan and therapy you can improve your well being and health right from the comfort of your home.

This is just an example of how careful research needs to be, and why you can have experts “proving” something doesn’t work … but being completely wrong in their proof.

In a similar way, assuming crystal and gemstone therapies are more effective than placebo alone, this will only be true when:

The underlying issues are correctly understood and are tackled in the right order; and the right crystals / gemstones are used in the right way.

This means there are a lot of factors that could go wrong in supporting someone’s health with crystals and gemstones. There is no easy or objective assessment of the problems and how to correct them. One healer might get stunning results with crystals and stones and another might do poorly. (And when you really get down to it, the presence of the healer and his/her interactions with a client will also play a role.)

In short, for now, we don’t have research showing that crystal healing is better than placebo, but I’ll describe how it likely fits into the bigger topic of bioenergetics and some of the research NES Health has done to demonstrate the power of bioenergetics well beyond placebo.


Crystal Healing and Bioenergetics

For those more familiar with the term energy healing, you’ve noticed that term alongside bioenergetics earlier in this article for ease of understanding. They are essentially the same thing. Bioenergetics means “the energy of life” and involves assessing and correcting the body’s energy systems – so you can see why it’s basically another way of saying “energy healing.

The root of your energy - with NES body-field scan and therapy you can improve your well being and health right from the comfort of your home.

Let's look at this in a little more depth: many health solutions, like medicine and nutrition, are largely based on chemistry. But chemistry itself is based on energy, which makes up atoms and therefore molecules, which is the stuff of chemistry.

Even though we can think of energy as “particles” (like protons, neutrons, and electrons), in reality, energy also exists as “waves.”

In a sense, we would think of waves as not having any physical existence. They are essentially fluctuations of space, which is by definition empty. So energy is very subtle and, at the quantum level, can be manipulated by thought or intention.

In short, energy can be changed by consciousness, which is why our minds can be so powerful.

When energy is manipulated by anything – by consciousness, by other energy fields (EMFs), or by the energy fields of physical things (nutrients, environmental factors, etc.) – it has an upward cascading effect. In other words, it affects chemistry, which means it affects our physical bodies and health.

This is why the placebo effect – where someone simply believes they’re receiving help for a condition – can actually help their condition. The mind has a real effect. It’s also why EMFs can impact our health. And it’s why any real manipulation of someone’s energy field can have health benefits beyond placebo.


Beyond Simple Frequencies

From NES' research, bioenergetics is more complex than a “frequency” in the strict sense. What does that mean? A frequency is a linear pulse, so to speak. If we imagine a single energy particle – like an electron – it’s going to exist as both a particle and a wave. The wave is not linear, but spherical – it goes out in all directions, just like sound does when something makes a noise. This spherical wave represents its frequency.

But as you know from ripples in water, when two sets of ripples interact, they create new patterns. These are called interference patterns. The same thing happens when energy waves interact in space. You cannot see these patterns, because you cannot see the wave nature of energy. But it still exists.

Crystal healing and bioenergetics - with NES body-field scan and therapy you can improve your well being and health right from the comfort of your home.

Imagine, then, that you have several energy particles combined in an atom, and several atoms combined into a molecule. You suddenly have the waves of many energy particles interacting. This gives you a complex wave interference pattern in space representing that particular molecule. When you combine several molecules into the parts of a cell, and then combine those parts into an entire cell, you can see how more and more complex patterns in space are created.

So, a cell, for instance, isn’t represented by a single frequency, but by a frequency pattern.

You can describe it generically as a frequency, but you can see why it’s more complex in reality.


Bioenergetics and Resonance

Quantum physics talks about entanglement, where energy particles can communicate instantly at any distance. We suggest that this happens through resonance. We use the example of how one tuning fork can “speak” with another that is tuned to the same note without them ever physically touching. Strike one fork and the other will start to vibrate because of its resonance with the first.

Crystal healing and bioenergetics - with NES body-field scan and therapy you can improve your well being and health right from the comfort of your home.

But if the two forks are tuned to different notes, they are not in resonance, and striking the first will not make the second fork start to vibrate.

In a similar way, all healthy cells of a certain type in the body (e.g., liver cells) are resonant with one another because they share complex frequency patterns, as described above.

As a result, they can communicate in real time without the delays of chemical communication. This allows them to act as a single unit.

Yes, there is still chemical communication, but this is really more of a response to the “wireless” communication of energy. It is the physical result of a faster and more subtle system.

What’s really interesting about the body’s wireless system, though, is that many parts of the body communicate in this way, even when they’re made of different cells.

Given that every cell is created from the same basic elements of energy, the energy building blocks of different types of cells can still speak with one another through resonance.

So, in our view, there is some level of communication between any two cells, but what we really want to know is which parts of the body speak the most easily with one another.

Through decades of research, NES Health was able to discover the primary communication pathways of the body, and these correspond closely with the acupuncture meridians of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). This then led to creating a map of the human body-field, determining how energy and information are meant to flow in the body when it is healthy.

Knowing all this, imagine what happens when a frequency pattern is distorted – again, through consciousness, EMFs, food, the environment, toxins etc. That altered pattern can do a couple of things:

If the distortion is minor, resonant communication with healthy cells can still take place. If there are more healthy cells than damaged cells, their stronger message may be able to correct the distortion and health is restored. But if the distortion occurs in many cells, their message and their new resonance can become quite strong and start affecting healthy cells, causing further damage.

If the distortion is too great, there is no longer enough resonance for communication. In this case, the affected cells are no longer acting in unison with their fellow cells. They start to go rogue simply because they don’t know what they should be doing. Here you could have any number of problems because, energetically, the cells have become a different cell type. Mutant cells, in a sense.


Finally … How Crystals / Bioenergetics Support Healing

Now you’ll understand why, from an energy standpoint,

the right frequency patterns can speak with the body and, through resonance, bring it back toward its proper function. This is what healthy cells can naturally do for damaged cells. And if you can replicate the resonant message of a healthy cell, then you can support this healing process.

Since every crystal and gemstone will have its own unique frequency pattern, in theory you could be able to interact with the body-field and make corrections. You can do this by placing stones on or around the body, because the body-field extends a bit outside our skin, so it can pick up the messages of the stones. Again though, the challenge with crystals and gemstones is knowing:

  1.  What the body most needs to address at the energy level, and in what order?
  2.  What crystal or gemstone carries the resonance needed to make the correction?

This is exactly what NES Health has been able to address, not with crystals and gemstones, but with its own form of bioenergetics.

Through decades of research, NES was able to find mathematical codes that resonate with specific aspects of the body when it’s in a healthy state.

NES software-based health assessment records the information of the body-field and compares it with these codes, so we’re able to make a resonance check. If something’s not in resonance with these codes, it’s looking for support.

We can then re-introduce that resonance back into the body through liquid remedies (NES Infoceuticals) or through the biofeedback device (NES miHealth).

In essence, NES therapy is designed to work like healthy cells pulling damaged cells back into alignment and communication with the healthy ones. By doing so, we can guide the body back to its natural function.

NES miHealth (on sale now) - your personal bioenergetic health companion that incorporates PEMF therapy, body field scan and restoring healthy mind body patterns in a handheld, non-invasive biofeedback device.
What ingredients are in infoceuticals - with NES body-field scan and therapy you can improve your well being and health right from the comfort of your home.

So, with NES' BioEnergetiX WellNES system, we can address the two points mentioned above. First, we know what needs to be addressed, and in what order. And second, we know which remedy is needed for correction.

The other thing mentioned earlier that was lacking with crystal healing is research. Fortunately, NES has been in a position to support research around their bioenergetic solutions. Results with Infoceuticals have included self-reported wellness improvements of over 100%. And shows a 93% success rate among those using the NES miHealth device.

Crystal healing and bioenergetics - with NES body-field scan and therapy you can improve your well being and health right from the comfort of your home.

What’s more, NES has a study demonstrating how bioenergetics performing better than placebo. In a large-scale comparative study carried out by the Centre for Biofield Sciences, 96.5% of the 240 participants in the control group experienced a positive change with Infoceuticals compared to 35% in the placebo group.

Research will continue because the field of bioenergetics is just getting started, and

the future involves a massive shift into thinking of the body at the energetic level.

This may well include many forms of energy work, perhaps even with crystal healing if it can be proven out. In the meantime, we’ll continue to use NES' solutions as an alternative that’s benefited thousands of clients around the world.

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