What’s Your Energetic Stress Style?

What's Your Energetic Stress Style.

No matter how much we love our significant other or people around us, there will likely be times throughout the year when we are not on the same wavelength.

​The way we react to distress in our relationships is driven by our energetic stress style [1].

The term energetic stress style is used to reflect the sensory mode that a person trusts and favors in stressful situations, especially those involving a partner in a personal relationship.

There are four sensory modes, patterned after the primary ways in which we experience the world—seeing, hearing, feeling, and thinking.

What's Your Energetic Stress Style.

When exposed to stress, everyone favors a particular corresponding sensory mode—visual, tonal, kinesthetic, or digital.

That favored sensory mode determines the energetic state we enter when under distress and how we react and process the information causing the stress.

Characteristics associated with the four stress styles are described in detail in [1]; chief features are summarized below:

What is your energetic stress style?

Similar to genetic information that is encoded in our DNA, our energetic stress style is encoded in our body-field

a structured, complex network of energy and information fields that acts as a master control system regulating our body’s physiology.

Typically, partners in a committed relationship will have different energetic stress styles—perhaps a ploy by the universe to keep things interesting and help us evolve.

By gaining a better understanding of our respective energetic stress styles, we can learn to be more sensitive to our partner’s needs during times of stress and make lasting improvements to our relationships.

What's Your Energetic Stress Style.

From the cover of The Energies of Love [1]:

Visuals are extremely passionate and inspire others to care about the things they care about, but in moments of conflict, their take on the situation can overshadow what is actually occurring, undermining their ability to empathize with their partner.

Tonals have a gift for understanding others and their dilemmas, but during moments of conflict, their ability to read between the lines can morph into hearing what was never said, felt, or thought.

Kinesthetics are generous, compassionate, and accepting of other people, but their caring nature pulls them in too many directions. They try to meet others’ needs at the expense of their own, which can cause mounting resentment.

Digitals are rational and principled and have a gift for quickly understanding complex situations, but they can become closed to others’ perspectives and feelings.


Exploring The Body-Field

The body-field plays an important role in our health and well-being.

Diseases are typically reflected as distortions in the body-field long before they show symptoms in the physical body.

The body-field is dynamic and influenced not only by our physical health, but also by emotions and interactions with other beings and the environment.

It connects us to nourishing energies and provides protection from harmful influences. The body-field also serves as an interface to the chakras and other energy processing centers, often resulting in nerve, hormonal, vascular, and other activities in the physical body.

What's Your Energetic Stress Style.

Moreover, the body-field sends out signals into the environment that communicate information about us and attract specific types of incoming energy and information.

While the terminology used in describing the body-field is not completely consistent throughout the literature, we will use the characterization provided by life-long clairvoyant and energy-medicine pioneer, Donna Eden [2].

She sees the body-field as a set of seven nested interrelated layers that serve as blueprints for our physical body, emotions, awareness, relationships, and development:

  1.  The Etheric Field (closest to and shaped like the physical body; fluid and interacting with the physical body; serves as a blueprint for our body and reflects our spirit)
  2.  The Protective Field (a protective sheath encasing the Etheric Field)
  3.  The Mental/Emotional Field (holds emotions, thoughts, and visual images)
  4.  The Morphogenic Field (the habit field; holds the templates for all the fields within the body-field)
  5.  The Celestial Field (connects us with higher spiritual forces)
  6.  The Celtic Weave (an energy that surrounds, contains, and weaves through the body-field)
  7.  The Life Color (farthest out from the physical body; permeates all the other fields; reflects the theme for the person’s life and the lessons for this lifetime).

The third layer of the body-field, the Mental/Emotional Field, holds the key to our energetic stress style.

What's Your Energetic Stress Style.

As described in [1], p. 21, this layer consists of four distinct bands of energy that correspond to the four different styles of processing information as detailed below:

The Four Bands of the Mental/Emotional Field Information-Processing Style

What is your energetic stress style?

The order of these bands in the body-field varies from one person to the next. The band that is closest to the physical body determines the individual’s energetic stress style. For example, if the Feeling Band is closest to the body, the kinesthetic mode will dominate in stressful situations.​

If you are not sure about your personal energetic stress style and would like to learn more, you can take a short quiz here.

Muscle Testing
You can also determine an individual’s information-processing style through applied kinesiology (muscle testing).

Have the person bring to mind a stressful situation from their relationship. While they are holding that thought, test them as they are looking in each of the four directions associated with the different stress styles: straight ahead, down to the side (left or right), straight down, and up to the left.

​They will test strong only in their go-to direction which identifies their energetic stress style and weak in the other three directions.


Tailored Infoceutical Support

Being aware of your personal energetic stress style can also be helpful in selecting Infoceuticals from our Feel Good Infoceutical Set to restore balance in the body-field in times of relationship stress. Suggested pairings are listed below:

What is your energetic stress style?
What's Your Energetic Stress Style.

[1] Eden, Donna and David Feinstein. The Energies of Love: Keys to a Fulfilling Partnership. New York, NY: Penguin Group, 2014.

[2] Article on the Human Aura from the Innersource Handout Bank/Basic Principles: free download at http://www.innersource.net/em/resources/free-handout-bank.html.

Embedded link for energetic stress style quiz: http://signup.innersource.net/energies-of-love-landingpage/


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