Save Big & Start with our NES Scanner Total Wellness Bundle for $279!
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NES miHealth Holiday Offer

Total Wellness Bundle with miHealth - Time Limited Offer
NES miHealth (on sale now) - your personal bioenergetic health companion that incorporates PEMF therapy, body field scan and restoring healthy mind body patterns in a handheld, non-invasive biofeedback device.

NES miHealth Price Increase Coming Soon

NES Health has announced new pricing for their miHealth device effective Dec 1, 2021.

Old MSRP (USD) - $3,500
New MSRP (USD) - $4,200

Many of you have expressed an interest in the device and it maybe the best time to own one before the price increase happens.

We are making it even more attractive to own this incredible device by extended a special pricing just in time for the holiday season until Nov 30, 2021 for


It get's better - not only are we offering for $2,995 a new miHealth device but you'll actually receive our

NES miHealth Wellness Bundle

Our 'premiumTotal Wellness Bundle with the award-wining NES miHealth device included so you can experience maximum healing benefits, and help you feel good in everyday situations.

It's an amazing bundle for starting to regain your health and wellness!

Get the powerful NES miHealth device; PLUS a Total Wellness Session, in our clinic, or via Telehealth (remote), which includes: one (1) Body-Field scan & 1-on-1 analysis session (90 min) with one of our NES certified practitioner; PLUS five (5) bioenergetic remedies (NES Infoceuticals) recommended by the scan analysis.

To learn more about our NES miHealth Wellness Bundle click here.

The award winning NES miHealth handheld device delivers Fast Results and Quick Relief… right at your fingertips! Used by a wide range of practitioners, from surgeons, to chiropractors, from massage therapists to holistic health practitioners... with a wide range of uses; from treating scars and burns, to inflammation and muscle pain.... for everything from calming down stress and managing emotional health, to even enjoying a good night’s sleep, and much more.

Not only will your miHealth enable you to do remote Body-Field scans from anywhere in the world and work in close collaboration with our bioenergetic practitioners so you can experience maximum healing benefits, but your miHealth will become your bioenergetic 'jack of all trades' companion that can help you and your family stay well and feel good in everyday situations.

To learn more about the miHealth therapy click here.

NES body-field scan and therapy using the NES miHealth.

Get your
NES miHealth Wellness Bundle
for a special holiday pricing* of



NOTE: Due to high demand the device and therefore the bundle maybe out of stock / backorder before Nov 30, 2021. However, with a 10% down payment ($299) you'll be able to reserve your bundle for the special pricing of $2,995. The down payment must be received by Nov 30, 2021. Please contact us to help you reserve your bundle for the special pricing, or, go to

*can't be combined with any other offer or discount. Offer ends on Nov 30, 2021.



Contact us if you have any questions about the NES miHealth Wellness Bundle.


Send us an email to, or review our FAQ, or call us at 1-855-688-3760 and select option 3.


Your Juneva Health Team


  • Founder and visionary behind Juneva Health with a personal drive and passion to help clients around the world to better manage and restore optimal health throughout their body in the most natural and supportive way. He takes a personal approach to health care, getting to know clients and connecting on an emotional level to fully understand their individual health situation. Wolfgang strongly believes that people should be in charge of their own health and wants to bring this new 'information (bioenergetic) medicine' system to wider public awareness. He's a NES-certified bioenergetic and homeopathic practitioner who graduated from the Los Angeles School of Homeopathy and holds an engineering and business degree.

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