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Is Structured Water Real?

Is structured water real - with NES body-field scan and therapy you can improve your well being and health right from the comfort of your home.

Most of us have probably had someone remind us to “get plenty of water”. "Make sure you're drinking 6-8 glasses of water every day." Or, the more specific, "drink half your body weight in ounces of water."

Whatever the amount of water, natural health advocates almost universally advise you to drink plenty of it.

Scientists even look for water on other planets to see if they could sustain “life as we know it.”

Aside from needing water to survive, why is it so important?

Water: Start at the Source

Let’s start with the sheer magnitude of its role in life.

Not only does it account for about 70% of our bodies by weight, but it makes up about 99% of the body’s molecules. (Water molecules are lighter than other molecules, so they don’t make 99% of our weight. So from a molecular standpoint, you are 99% water.)

If you’re almost entirely water, then it makes sense that science and medicine should put enormous emphasis on understanding its role in human life. Despite that, water remains a largely mysterious fluid that conventional science has struggled to explain.

Consider some of these water conundrums:

  • If water evaporates all across an ocean or lake, why isn’t there just a general mist? Why does it stick together as clouds?
  • If water is just a flowing substance, why is it required to build a sandcastle?
  • If a gelatin dessert is almost entirely water, how can it hold its structure?

The clues to these answers lie in the structure of water.

The Fourth Phase of Water

Dr. Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington asks these and other questions in his powerful book, The Fourth Phase of Water.

More importantly, he puts together strong theories to answer these questions as he explains water’s ability to structure itself along water-loving ("hydrophilic") surfaces. (Which includes most surfaces in the body, like cell membranes and all the organelles within a cell. Minerals can also provide these surfaces.)

Instead of the familiar H2O of liquid water, the water molecules combine into a new, more rigid form as H3O2.

Is structured water real - with NES body-field scan and therapy you can improve your well being and health right from the comfort of your home.

Is H3O2 Water Real?

When you're taught about water, it's always H2O. H2O2 is hydrogen peroxide. So where does H3O2 come into this equation?

While Dr. Pollack’s answers challenge conventional viewpoints on water (viewpoints that don’t have good answers), it seems impossible that one could question his underlying point about water’s structure and its traditional, bulk-water form, H2O.


Because he gives visual evidence that H3O2 is real.

You can actually see images of this structure, or better yet, watch the video below.

When you watch the video, you'll see water being dripped onto a water surface and literally floating as a droplet on top of the water surface before the shell of the droplet breaks and it merges with the rest of the water.

On Dr. Pollack's site, he also shows a bridge of water—up to 4 cm (nearly 2 inches) long— spreading between two beakers of water that are being charged by electricity. That is, it’s a span of water in mid-air with literally no physical support beyond its own structure.

Importantly, he shows how water next to a water-loving surface creates what he calls an “exclusion zone,” or “EZ layer,” of structured water, becoming a gel rather than a liquid.

This layer expels all debris from itself and into the “bulk water” that isn’t structured (hence the name, "exclusion").

EZ water structure.

How Water Can Create a Battery By Itself

The EZ structure takes on a particular charge (usually a negative charge in the body), and the bulk water takes on an opposite charge, literally creating a battery with voltage that can power work in the body.

This voltage is necessary for nerve transmission and cellular communication. The conventional view is that electrolytes—having positive and negative charges—create this voltage across cell membranes.

But when scientists measured inside cells, they weren’t expecting strong electric fields. Instead, they found fields five times the strength needed to produce lightning storms.

This completely called into question what they thought about cells. But Pollack’s research shows how structured water solves the problem. It massively contributes to voltage, and therefore electric fields, both inside and outside the cell.

In effect, it ought to create a monster lightning storm—even if on a tiny scale—throughout the body. And this is what we find with all the electrical activity of the body, both in the nervous system and within every cell.

You Can Get Energy from Water

Pollack even suggests that this universal charge separation in the body could replace the need for ion pumps in the cell membrane (the conventional explanation), which would in turn explain why cells can often survive being sliced in half.

What’s more, this EZ layer and its battery effect increase in the presence of light, especially infrared light (heat). Living tissue continually emits light, and we know the body continually produces heat.

The body’s natural processes may already help to maintain these EZ layers and water’s battery effect. Even more powerful here would be the tremendous amount of light and heat we receive freely from the sun. This is yet another reason why getting adequate sunlight is important.

It can literally help to provide us with free energy from the water in our bodies! Pollack even shows how these EZ layers on the inside of a water-loving tube freely move bulk water through the tube, and this may tell us a great deal about how blood moves through the body’s blood vessels without relying entirely on the heart as its pump.

This helps explain how a sticky fluid like blood (which would already be difficult for a pump to move) can travel through thousands of miles of blood vessels at different speeds in different parts of the body without the heart doing all the work.

(I should point out here that, in the theory of biophysics, the heart plays other important roles as well.) Water also plays other critical roles in the body, but as we talk here about charging the body battery, we’re focused on water’s ability to structure and therefore create a charge separation, setting up a body-wide battery system.

The fourth phase of water.

H3O2 Has a Special Property

You know by now that H3O2 is water's fourth phase and that gives it unique properties.

But there's a way to benefit from this strange property of water that hasn't been mentioned yet. 

Owing to its structure (and the fact that it is structured water), H3O2 is able to retain information. Meaning, you can imprint information on the water that can affect the body-field. NES uses this to imprint their Infoceuticals and provide unique ways to support your health.


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