Coronavirus… has been there all along!

Coronavirus... has been there all along.


Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg is the first specialist to understand the current crisis about the coronavirus. The video is not intended to drive people to not obey the current rules and recommendations of their government, but allow different points of view and an open discussion to help understand what is happening, and why it is happening.

I would like to say something about the coronavirus epidemic that we allegedly are having right now. First, I thought this hype was going to end, but it has increased so much, so we finally have to start taking a closer look. I worked as a doctor and directed a health department. I had my own sentinel monitoring system for flu. And every year I observed many people became sick. Every year, worldwide, we have new types of viruses because the viruses have to change themselves. If the same viruses just came again every year, they would not be able to make us sick or multiply. So they regularly have to change a bit.

-Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg

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