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Coronavirus – what now?

Coronavirus - what now. alternative therapies to target viral infectious diseases.

The world is in “panic mode” due to the new Coronavirus, but homeopaths and bioenergetic health professionals are not nearly as concerned about it… and for good reasons. But first let's talk about the Coronavirus.

What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is another virus that infects the respiratory tract of humans. In addition, it also affects dogs, rats, pigs, horses, cattle and cats. Most of them are not dangerous. It can also cause severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).

Human Coronaviruses were first recognized in the 1960s. The name of the virus was coined on the crown-like projections on their surfaces. Corona is basically a Latin word that stands for crown or halo.

Where did it originate?

The origin of Coronavirus is in animals including bats and camels. Generally, they are not able to pass into humans. Occasionally, a Coronavirus mutates and transfers from animal to human and then human to human.

What are the Types of Coronavirus?

  1. Alpha Coronavirus 229E (HCoV-229E)
  2. Beta Coronavirus OC43 (HCoV-OC43)
  3. SARS-CoV (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)
  4. Alpha coronavirus NL63 (HCoV-NL63, New Haven coronavirus)
  5. Beta coronavirus HKU1
  6. Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV), previously known as novel coronavirus 2012 and HCoV-EMC.
  7. Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), also known as Wuhan pneumonia or Wuhan coronavirus. Here Novel stands for newly discovered or newly originated.

Novel Coronavirus

Novel Coronavirus is the newly discovered virus which is also known as Wuhan Coronavirus. It is also known as 2019-nCoV. The outbreak of this virus was identified and reported in Wuhan, China. On December 31, 2019 the first case of this virus was identified and WHO (World Health Organization) labeled it as 2019-nCoV.

Within no time, the virus has reached Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Tokyo, Shanghai, Vietnam, Singapore, India, Pakistan just to name a few and meanwhile also reached the United States, Canada and several countries in the EU. In China alone there are over 40,000 infected people and over 800 of them died as of this writing and the numbers are still climbing rapidly. The actual number of infected people is estimated to be four times higher than those that have been officially registered and reported. The mortality rate estimation is about 2% in China and 1% outside China, which is not as high as SARS but definitely above the common flu (annual death rate from influenza in the USA is closer to 1,000 [1]).

What are the Symptoms of Coronavirus?

The mild symptoms of this virus are cold- and flu-like. The rest of the symptoms are:

  • A runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Fatigue
  • Asthma
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Low White blood cells count
  • Headache
  • Chills

In severe cases it can result in:

  • Pneumonia
  • SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)
  • Kidney failure

Transmission of Coronavirus

It is a highly contagious virus and it can be spread:

  • If the infected person cough or sneeze without covering his/her mouth
  • Shaking or touching the hands of infected person
  • Making contact with a surface that contains viruses and then touch your eyes, nose or mouth


  • Wear face masks (in public areas and especially around those who are sneezing or coughing)
  • Wash your hands often using soap and water
  • Avoid close contact with sick people
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands
  • Stay home when you are sick
  • Cover your sneeze or cough using a tissue
  • Disinfect and clean frequently touched surfaces and objects
  • Avoid contact with live animals and surfaces in contact with animals
  • If you are suffering from fever, cough or difficulty in breathing immediately consult a health professional

The Epidemic of Fever-Suppressing Drugs

Although doctors today claim to believe in “evolution,” they instead show no respect for it when treating people with various diseases. An integral part of evolution is that the human body defends itself from infection and/or stress in its best efforts to survive.

In fact, fever is one of the body’s vitally important defenses: During a fever, the body naturally secretes interferon (an antiviral chemical), increases the number and mobility of white blood cells so that they can help fight infections, and binds iron in cells so that microbes cannot feed on it. However, too many medical doctors today prescribe drugs that work directly against the body’s self-defensive efforts, including fevers.

Although one might initially and naively think that it is a good idea to lower a fever, such actions inhibit the body’s efforts to defend itself against infection. Using aspirin or other fever-lowering drugs when a person has influenza is akin to having the person fight flu viruses with two hands tied behind one’s back.

The Questionably Effective Flu Vaccine

The CDC strongly advocates for the flu vaccine (and most likely when available coronavirus vaccine) for virtually everyone, despite the well-known recognition that this vaccine is one of the least effective vaccines presently available. In fact, according to Scientific American, “Despite government recommendations, there is little evidence that flu vaccines help individuals older than 65 or younger than 2.” [2]

As for adults, a review of the best studies was published in one of the most respected medical journals in the world, and they determined that there was very little benefit given to adults. [3] The review concluded:

“Injected influenza vaccines probably have a small protective effect against influenza and ILI (‘influenza-like’ illness), as 71 people would need to be vaccinated to avoid one influenza case, and 29 would need to be vaccinated to avoid one case of ILI. Vaccination may have little or no appreciable effect on hospitalizations or number of working days lost.”

Further, they also asserted, “We were uncertain of the protection provided to pregnant women against ILI and influenza by the inactivated influenza vaccine, or this was at least very limited.”

It should be noted that around 20 percent of the flu vaccines today are made with thimerosal (a mercury compound). Although the CDC and the FDA commonly insist that there is no “causational” link between mercury and autism, it is widely known and accepted that mercury is a neurotoxin and that it clearly is “associated” with various neurological symptoms and syndromes, including autism.[4]


#1 Homeopathy Has Been Used With Many Infections

Homeopathy was used in the notorious flu of 1918. In an article in the May 1921 Journal of the American Institute for Homeopathy. Dr. T. A. McCann, of Dayton, Ohio, reported that of 24,000 flu cases treated with conventional medical care, the death rate was 28.2 percent; of 26,000 cases treated with homeopathy, the death rate was a nearly miraculous 1.05 percent. The latter figure was supported by Dean W.A. Pearson of Philadelphia, who recorded the results of 26,795 cases of flu treated homeopathically. The leading reason that homeopathy gained such popularity during the 19th century was in part due to its significant and obvious successes in treating the many infectious diseases of that era, including epidemics of scarlet fever, typhoid, yellow fever and cholera.[5][6]

Boiron Oscillococcinum - homeopathic remedy to relieve cold/flu-like symptoms such as body aches, headache, fever, chills and fatigue.

Bringing this historical experience up to date, three large modern studies have tested oscillococcinum, a popular homeopathic medicine from France in the treatment of the flu, and found this medicine to be clinically effective.[7][8] One of these studies showed that 70 percent more people who took this homeopathic medicine were healed from the flu within 48 hours than those given a placebo.[9]

The fact that homeopathic practitioners have used oscillococcinum since 1928 suggests that homeopaths have been more aware of this important vector in the spread of the flu. Further, homeopaths and homeopathic patients have been using this safe and effective medicine for almost a century*.

*Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.


#2 Another Homeopathic Protocol

Many homeopaths recommend a much safer way to reduce the incidence of influenza. One protocol is to use Influenzinum 9C (some homeopathic companies, such as Boiron, create a new version of this medicine each year and include in it the three most common flu viruses, as determined by the Pasteur Institute, and that are commonly placed in a flu vaccine).

Boiron Influenzinum - homeopathic remedy to relieve after-effect of flu or flu-like symptoms, or to be used as homeoprophylaxis.

This homeopathic medicine is made in a much smaller dose than any vaccine, and it doesn’t include any “additives,” including mercury, aluminum or formaldehyde. As yet, no formal research has been conducted to evaluate the efficacy of this treatment, though even skeptics commonly recognize that such homeopathic medicines are basically safe*. Personal and clinical experiences with Influenzinum has found safe results in defending against and preventing the flu*.

Hearing reports from China, homeopaths there report that the symptoms of people who get the Coronavirus point towards Gelsemium (first choice) and Bryonia or Eupatorium perf (as second choices). It is best to individualize the use of homeopathic remedies by a trained homeopathic practitioner.

And don't forget homeopathic Thymulin 9C (Thymulin is that hormone that helps the body create T-cells which are known to help fight viral infections).

Throughout fall and winter, Thymuline 9C and Influenzinum 9C form the best natural flu protection package*.

*Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.


#3 The Bioenergetic Approach

By using the NES-based bioenergetic approach, protecting yourself from getting sick is much better than fighting symptoms once they appear.

Healing principles of the revolutionary bioenergetic therapy approach as an alternative healing modality that helps restore your health and energy in the most natural way.

What Weakens Our Immune System?

Immunity can be compromised in many ways. The primary condition that reduces immune function is feeling stress, including mental stress (too much work), emotional stress (fears, including the fear of getting sick!), and physical stress (typically from sports). Other immune-weakening conditions include an inadequate diet, insufficient sleep, and exposure to chemical toxins.

When we retreat indoors in fall, we reduce the amount of fresh air and sunshine we get, which also compromises the immune system. A further assault is indoor heating, which creates dryer air. This has a dehydrating effect on our mucous membranes, especially in the respiratory system.

So, how can we help you fend off colds and the flu?

Here Are Some Suggestions For You...

1. Get sunlight for at least 15 minutes each morning, ideally between 10 a.m. and noon when we get the best light spectrum from the sun. This keeps us awake and feeling energized, so we feel happy instead of becoming depressed.

2. Go to bed earlier, and avoid artificial light as much as possible in the evening.

3. Don’t eat high-glycemic index carbohydrates or sugar in the evening. Instead, have more herbal tea.

4. Eat fat, such as pastured butter and coconut oil. If we were hibernating animals, this is the time we would start living on fat instead of on carbohydrates.

5. Be in the cold. For two hours every day, expose your face to the cold air outside, below 15 degrees Celsius / 59 degrees Fahrenheit. This will keep your fat metabolism running and create enough energy to power your immune system.

Immunity Booster Infoceutical Set

Here is our set of 4 Infoceuticals that can help you boost your immune system.

Energy, CFI, Day, and Night Infoceuticals

NES Immunity Booster Infoceutical Set - bioenergetic remedies for naturally restoring healthy mind body patterns, by removing energy blockages and correcting information distortions in the body field.

Energy (formerly called Source): The natural source for source energy is fresh air, negatively charged, which we breathe and store in our kidneys. So, try to get fresh air and do breathing exercises, but when you can’t get outside enough, you can use source energy as a replacement.

CFI (Cold, Flu, Influenza) Terrain (ET-6): When you catch a cold or get the flu, start taking 15 drops of CFI a few times a day to get through it quickly.

Day and Night: These two may both be used to promote the right metabolism for day and night, especially during the times of the year when we are all more indoors and subjected to a lot of artificial light. Also, remind yourself to drink plenty of water!

Other Feel Good Infoceuticals That Can Help Avoid Colds And Flu

1. Polarity (PL) addresses distortions in the body-field due to e-smog and air travel (geopathic stress in general), and helps maintain a better charge in the body-field.

2. EMF helps with the effects of e-smog of any kind, which generally weakens the immune system and the heart, so EMF is beneficial for most people nowadays.

3. Peace helps you calm down after strong mental or physical exercise.

4. ESR and Chill Star (ES-8) may help you mitigate superficial and deeper emotional stress, to prevent weakening the immune system.

5. Heart Imprinter Driver (ED-2), sometimes combined with Nerve Driver (ED-4), may help you deal with mental stress.

6. Female Energy Star (ES-12) and Male Energy Star (ES-11) can help with supporting high levels of sexual hormones that support vitality and a positive mood.

How To Use The Immunity Booster Set And Feel Good Infoceuticals

Of course, the here mentioned Immunity Booster Set and Feel Good Infoceuticals are only part of a range of Infoceuticals that affect the immune system, and by working with our practitioner and having regular body-field scan assessments of your overall body’s health and wellness situation can lead to the best outcomes.

Taking The Infoceuticals

Generally, you can take these Feel Good Infoceuticals once (or multiple times) a day in doses of 9, 15 or 28 drops at a time and adding them all into a 4-6 ounces glass of water. You can take the Infoceuticals before, after or during a meal. It is recommended to take them in the morning unless you are instructed to do otherwise. You should experiment with the dosages that meet your needs.

You can use these Feel-Good Infoceuticals alone or integrated with your therapy protocol our practitioner has provided you with, as long as you don’t exceed 6 Infoceuticals per day.

You can purchase the Immunity Booster Infoceutical Set and complete All Feel-Good Infoceutical Set in our online shop.


#4 Advanced Rife Healing Frequencies To The Rescue

Rife Frequencies are named after Dr. Royal Raymond Rife who is referred to as "The Man Who Cured Cancer" and found that certain frequencies destroyed cancer cells, viruses, parasites and bacteria. Scientists like Tesla and Dr. Rife, have proven that everything that exists has a resonant frequency of its own. For instance, the carcinoma cancer cell has a resonant frequency of 2128 Hz. When a cell is resonated at its resonant frequency, the cell is destroyed. Cancer, parasites, viruses, bacteria and other organisms all have their own resonant frequencies. The frequencies that destroy these organisms are called Rife Frequencies.

Juneva Health quantum sound library - for vibroacoustic therapy (VAT) with sounds and music in each program based on ancient and modern science from the field of Sound Healing and Therapy, and from information and research at the Sound and Consciousness Institute in San Francisco. The sounds are as powerful as the music itself.

We have produced a set of programs with frequencies that target Coronavirus/SARS viral infections, and can be used either as homeoprophylaxis or at the onset of flu-like symptoms*.

*The statements made regarding the programs have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Listening Recommendations

Rife healing frequencies.

The goal is to get frequencies into the body wherever necessary. The nice thing is, sound is 5 times more effective in water than it is in air. Fortunately, we are made up, mostly of water. So, sound is highly effective using frequencies for healing.

Taking this into consideration, it is a good idea to have a good set of over-the-ear headphones or computer speakers. Laptop/smartphone speakers will not work with this technology, because they don't have the frequency range to run the required frequencies. When using computer speakers direct them towards your body from within 3-5 feet. Click here for speakers/headphones we recommend.

Usage Time

We suggest not to run these programs for more than 4-6 hours in total per day!

40 to 60 minute sessions twice daily is standard, until the problem is eliminated. They can be run longer for serious problems without side effects. However, whenever running Rife frequencies it is necessary to drink 2 to 3 glasses of water (preferably with fresh squeezed lemon) per session to counter dehydration effects.

Program Selection

If the 'Scalar Waves' version of the program feels better to you when listening to it (subjective feeling), then you can use it instead of the regular version ('Session 1' and 'Session 2'). 'Scalar Waves' represents an alternate mode of the same frequencies. It can help to increase the potential effectiveness of the program.

If the regular version of the program feels better, then start with 'Session 1' and then later in the day run 'Session 2' as part of a daily cycle. 'Session 2' represents an alternate mode (e.g. with modulation on) of the same frequencies. In this case you would not run the 'Scalar Waves' version of the program.



In Summary

Strengthen your immune system, homeopathically with Thymuline 9C (and together with Influenzinum 9C form a great flu protection package), and/or bioenergetically with Immunity Booster Set (and potentially the other mentioned Infoceuticals). By using the NES-based bioenergetic approach and regular body-field scans, protecting yourself from getting sick is much better than fighting symptoms once they appear.

Once you are dealing with common cold- or flu-like symptoms, or at the onset of them, we highly recommend Oscillococcinum. If additional relieve is needed it can be followed by Influenzinum 9C together with Thymuline 9C.

Last but not least you can use the Rife programs to complement the healing process (or for homeoprophylaxis), if a specific viral infection is suspected, such as, coronavirus or sars.

Note: The statements made regarding the products in this article have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Body-Field Scan

Ready to find out what's impacting your energy levels by using our bioenergetic scanning technology. Check out your body’s energy with a Body-Field scan, and gain deeper insight into your holographic self with our certified Bioenergetic Practitioner. For an In-Clinic visit click here, or, for a Telehealth (remote) session click here.

We offer a completely new, alternative and bioenergetic health care approach based on 21st century science, technology and quantum physics with personalized, holistic therapy solutions such as, NES body-field scan & therapy, miHealth biofeedback, PEMF, Rife and Vibroacoustic (VAT) healing modalities that can restore optimal health and well-being throughout the body, mind and spirit in the most natural way. Let us help you restore your health and energy!



[1] Cochrane Community, January 29, 2018.

[2] Scientific American, October 18, 2012.

[3] Cochrane, "Vaccines to Prevent Influenza in Healthy Adults".

[4] "How to End the Autism Epidemic," September 19, 2018.

[5] "The Logic of Figures or Comparative Results of Homoeopathic and Other Treatments," 1900.

[6] "The Homeopathic Revolution: Why Famous People and Cultural Heroes Chose Homeopathy," 2007.

[7] Br J Clin Pharmacol. 1989 Mar;27(3):329-35.

[8] British Homeopathic Journal, April, 1998,87:69-76.

[9] Br J Clin Pharmacol. 1989 Mar; 27(3): 329–335.


  • Founder and visionary behind Juneva Health with a personal drive and passion to help clients around the world to better manage and restore optimal health throughout their body in the most natural and supportive way. He takes a personal approach to health care, getting to know clients and connecting on an emotional level to fully understand their individual health situation. Wolfgang strongly believes that people should be in charge of their own health and wants to bring this new 'information (bioenergetic) medicine' system to wider public awareness. He's a NES-certified bioenergetic and homeopathic practitioner who graduated from the Los Angeles School of Homeopathy and holds an engineering and business degree.

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