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Health Revelations With The Fat-Burning Man

Health revelations with the fat-burning man - a supercharged podcast.

What's the weirdest health-related advice YOU'VE ever taken?

Abel James, known as The Fat-Burning Man, a #1 best-selling author, and health crusader, admits to the strangest thing he's ever done when it comes to his health, in the latest podcast. Abel sits down with NES Health Co-Founder, Harry Massey, to talk about fascinating revelations in the field of health and exercise, the benefits of fasting, and Abel also shares his advice on the top 3 tips for living a healthy and happy life.

Check out the excerpt below from Abel, where he dispenses three pieces of advice to living a happy and healthy life:

"Number one, give yourself that space. You could fill it with meditation or illustrating, coloring, drawing. Whatever you loved to do when you were a kid that you forgot that you loved, like make some space for that. Writing, geometry, doing math, playing basketball, any of those things, don't give it up just because you're adults or just because you're busy. Make some space for it."


"Number two, get health down. Get the basics of it. Know enough so that you can, if you want to, lose weight, if you want to, gain muscle, if you want to, train for a marathon or do something small or whatever, I think it's important to have the confidence to be able to use your body as an instrument to get to cool places, whether it's the top of a mountain or going swimming someplace. That's why our bodies are here, not to be stuck in these rooms and to be stuck in cars and just all these enclosed areas are subhuman. They're very close to cages, and so get out of whatever cage life is trying to put you in."


"Then, number three, I would say imagine what it is you want for your own life. Start with one day. I think this is really helpful, and I do this every day. I have a small notebook that's just really a notepad, not much bigger than a Post-It note really, where I write down the things that I wish to do that day. I don't have to do them all, but it's just this tiny piece of paper. If you can just set up what is that day that would be the best if it happened to you, just fill it up with whatever you want. ... And then just do it that day literally, but you have to make the space first, right? A lot of people say, "I don't have the time." Okay, okay, but if you have the time for Instagram or Facebook or Twitter or anything on your phone. Shut your phone off for one day and then you have hours. You have hours to do whatever you want, and that is really uncomfortable at first. You may have to deal with some demons at first that pop up."


So, tune into the podcast to learn all about:

  • How Abel James became The Fat-Burning Man
  • How to program your body to fast
  • How virtual reality will change society
  • Top 3 tips for a healthy and happy life



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