What’s on the Horizon for Future Medicine?

What's on the horizon of future medicine? - a supercharged podcast.

Wondering where the future of medicine is headed?

Spoiler alert: it's revolutionary, and changing the way we tackle health (for the better!)

In the latest podcast, Harry Massey, NES Health Co-Founder together with Dr. Jeffrey Bland, a leader in nutritional medicine, give us a glimpse of where medicine is headed, along with breaking down the pivotal steps - like decoding the body-field - that are leading us there. Don’t miss it!

Dr. Jeffrey Bland has been an internationally recognized leader in the nutritional medicine field for over 35 years, and in this podcast, Dr. Bland breaks down what’s on the horizon for the future of medicine. Tune into this podcast to hear about:

  • Where healthcare is going
  • The existence of the body-field and how it works
  • Evidence that humans are energy beings
  • How the body-field breakthrough is as important as decoding the human genome

Body-Field Scan

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