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Healing Emotional Trauma with Niki Gratrix

Healing emotional trauma with Niki Gratrix - a supercharged podcast.

Emotional trauma can affect us on a much deeper, long-lasting level than we may even be consciously aware of. In fact, Adverse Childhood Effects – negative, traumatic incidents that occur throughout childhood - may still actively impact us and our health throughout the rest of our lives.

In the latest podcast, Harry Massey, NES Health Co-Founder interviews registered nutritionist and mind-body expert, Niki Gratrix, all about the impact of emotional stress, its lasting effects, and ways to get to the root of this trauma to heal.

Tune into the podcast and hear about:

  • How to achieve optimum energy
  • The types of childhood traumas that leave long-term effects
  • The mechanisms that are affected by trauma
  • How to recover from trauma

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