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The Triplets

The triplets - how vaccination damaged a whole family.


Well, we have beautiful triplets. We had two boys and a girl in September of 2006, and we were completely normal development… I carried them for 36 weeks. They were about five pounds each, I was huge. And we decided really to postpone our vaccines, and even considered doing one at a time. Our doctor was fine with that. So we were going in June 25th, 2007… they were nine months and four days to get one pneumococcal vaccine. We went in for a 10 am appointment. They did Claire first and she got a really big red mark almost immediately on her leg, started screaming, but that screaming kind of never went away but we went ahead not knowing… oh, they cry, it’s a shot. And we did the boys. That was 10 am. By noon we watched Claire… uh, the only way we could describe it was as if her soul was sucked out of her body. She was literally the shell of a little person we used to know. Her personality… gone. All her reflexes were gone. She stopped blinking. She stopped coughing, sneezing. Her suck reflexes… everything was gone.

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