Are these silent killer lightbulbs in your home?

How to protect yourself from EMF - a supercharged podcast.

Did you know that these compact fluorescent lightbulbs are the biggest offenders of Electromagnetic Field radiation?

You may be aware of what Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) are, and how they're emitted from our wifi routers, cellphones, electricity meters on our homes, and now our lightbulbs, but are you aware of just how detrimental this radiation is to your health?

In this day and age, with an accessible wifi signal everywhere we go, bluetooth headphones, and the rollout of 5G signals right around the corner, it's near impossible to escape the harmful radiation of EMFs.

Dr. Libby Darnell unravels the severe dangers of EMF radiation, with heartbreaking and telling stories including a husband and wife that developed terminal brain cancer just six months after moving into an EMF-filled home, and Dr. Darnell's loss of her niece to Angioblastoma, which was later found to be caused by excessive exposure to EMF radiation in her home and school.

Libby delves into the science and tells us how to measure EMF in our home and lots of tips on how to reduce EMF exposure. Many see their health blossom and even diagnoses vanish as a result.

Hear all about:

  • How EMF’s affect your body
  • Symptoms of EMF toxicity
  • How to measure EMF in your home
  • Steps you can take to limit EMF exposure

For even further protection from the high levels of EMF exposure, the miHealth device and protocols as well as the EMF Infoceutical serve as a powerful tool for EMF detoxification!

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