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Anomalies the Human Body-Field Can Better Explain

Anomalies the human body field can better explain.


Below are some musings on “cracks” in biology that the theory of the human body-field can explain better than conventional biological theory can. This is just an overview of some areas that are worth exploring further. No attempt to explain the HBF theory in detail is made here, as that is available in other NES documents.

1. Spontaneous remission from disease

Spontaneous remission from incurable disease, according to the Western academic model (WAM) of science and medicine, is not explainable, at least not according to their biochemical model, which is linked to a biochemical model of genetics. This model has no room for consciousness, will or volition, or a body-field with directionality. However, researchers funded by the Institute of Noetic Sciences, in the United States, have collected anecdotal and medical evidence going back a hundred years of so-called spontaneous remission. The word “spontaneous” here simply means we don’t have a clue how it happened. If you are interested you can read an online article by Dr. Mike Denney for the San Francisco Medical Society on this* or consult the annotated bibliography put together by Brendon O’Regan and Caryle Hisrchberg for the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Spontaneous Remission : An Annotated Bibliography.

According to bioenergetics, however, spontaneous remission is possible, and explainable. A person can use their consciousness to make corrections to their own body-field, which in time can completely change a person’s health and cause a remission—often permanent—from all sorts of potentially fatal diseases. This can happen because the human body-field can be strongly affected by emotions, especially emotional conflicts, which, of course, can in time be completely resolved.

WAM most often attributes spontaneous remission to the placebo effect. But it is simply not enough to say it’s placebo, which isn’t a theory since it’s not really testable. What is the nature of placebo? It is a word that means, essentially, “we don’t know.” And even if there is such a thing to explain such seemingly miraculous healing events, then why aren’t we using it in healing?

In truth, placebo makes a mockery of the established medical-scientific methodology, and the sooner we grasp this fact, the better, because then we can move on and look for a real explanation. That explanation may be the human body-field (HBF).

The authors of the Noetic Sciences book come to the conclusion that there is some structure present in the body that directs healing. This structure, I say, is the HBF itself.

Let me say that the HBF is not entirely connected with volition, although, of course, you have to want to live a lot to get spontaneous remission to get going! Spontaneous remission sometimes occurs without any conscious will or intent on the part of the patient. And it appears to apply to anyone, for spontaneous remissions have been reported for a wide range of diseases, from cancer to Cushing’s disease. However, it doesn’t appear to happen very often, although we cannot really know since reports are mostly anecdotal and are unreported in medical journals. So its incidence rate is low, and of course it is not something that is encouraged by anyone who has a product to sell! At NES Health, we have products that assist in healing at the below-cell level, at the bio-energetic level, which is where the mechanisms of spontaneous remission must surely be occurring. So we are backing spontaneous remission to the hilt!

The curious thing about spontaneous remission is that those with most contact with doctors have the lowest incidences of self-healing. (I am sure I hear some muttering on this point already so I will not add any comment!) Of course, we must urge people to take charge of their own health, which is at the core of NES and other complementary modalities.

2. Placebo Effects

You will note that I use this term in the plural, because there is a negative placebo effect as well as a positive one. And, the placebo effect applies equally to all manner of ministrations, either making you better or worse.

Much of the effects of the WAM medicines are placebo in nature, which recent clinical studies are showing. The problem for WAM is that this effect wrecks many a science experiment since the data is so heavily skewed in one direction or another by intention, conscious or otherwise. So biologists, investigating conscious beings, learned how to prevent the placebo effect from wrecking their experiments, and in doing so they may have wrecked science itself! Using selective data, as they often do, and preventing “interference” from volition, consciousness, and so on is skewing what happens in the experiment, and so it serves only to make a whole experiment partial.

Ever more incredible ways of getting rid of so-called placebo effects is one of the jobs of the statisticians, as well as of those who design WAM experiments. Even some of these statisticians balk at what goes on. But medical research lurches on in spite of it all, with the double-blind experiment taking pride of place (because if is supposed to reduce placebo), even though there are literally hundreds of major public failures in this method, sometimes resulting in harm to patients. In their final desperation to resolve the matter, researchers have now told us there is “good research” and “bad research.” The truth is that studies have shown researchers tend to get the result they want in a science experiment on a living being, where there are such a huge number of variables.

Pharmacologists the world over believe in the power of suggestion and that many positive outcomes are due to this effect alone. But let me go further. I am making the suggestion that the whole placebo effect is merely a normal activity of the human body-field. I can see no difference, therefore, between the mechanisms of the placebo effect and the spontaneous remission effect. So, if anyone tells you that the effects of NES are due entirely to placebo, you should agree enthusiastically!

3. Nerve Transmission Speeds

Messages move through the nervous system at 225 miles per hour. But no two nerve cells are alike, and there are 100 billion neurons in the body. Some nerve cells are myelin (fat) coated, which is supposed to act as a kind of insulation. Against what—heat? But fat is not an electrical insulator, so sorry, that idea doesn’t work. And the myelin is not a continuous layer, so it will surely be hopeless at anything of that nature. The nervous system itself is not a continuous network anyway, so why anyone thought messages went along these routes in the first place is a puzzle indeed.

Nerve propagation is not like the transmission of electricity through a wire. The analogy will not stand up. It is supposed to be about charge created by ions—sodium, chloride, potassium, etc.—moving across a membrane. As a result, there is a lot of talk about the diameter of the axon of the nerve cell being so important in nerve transmission “information.” But what is this “information”? It is an “impulse” we are told.

Of course, these nerve “impulses” do not actually cross the junctions called synapses. These impulses actually turn into neurotransmitters. So WAMists are mostly talking about chemical ions—and not about real information.

The WAM nerve impulse theory says the message impulses go thirty times faster if the nerve axon is coated with fat. So we get fast and slow messages. But we wonder. . . . Think of Rudolph Nureyev, who was able to coordinate his body like a Swiss watch. Is this possible from a jumble of impulses going at different speeds? There are thirty types of neurotransmitters, which makes one wonder again. Are some of them fast movers and some slow?

We are told that muscle position information moves at around 390 feet per second, whereas touch signals go at 250 feet per second and pain signals somewhere around 2 feet per second. So you will find WAM researchers telling you seriously, without wincing, that information travels at anything between 2 miles an hour and 200 miles an hour. And is your brain the great junction box that sorts out the signals?

WAM neurology is not hard, it’s just hard to believe, for ions and information are just not the same thing.

If we propose that there really is a holographically imprinted structure—a body-field—in living things, then we don’t need “impulses” in nerves. But we still have to ask why we have an electrochemical network (the nervous system) that is discontinuously arranged over the whole of the body. Our answer is that it supports the HBF. It’s that simple. Make the nervous system charge work better and the human body-field loves it. Remember the Nerve Driver Infoceutical! It consists of an information analogue of the low-frequency signals of the brain. They are not information—they are the facilitators of the hologram of the HBF.

4. Consciousness

Here’s a question for you: How fast does consciousness go? They have not measured that in WAM laboratories because they don’t believe yet that consciousness exists. I guess when they discover it, it will be explained as a series of “impulses!”

When you shove something out of a discipline, something is always lost, and science gets fractionized. Consciousness people are on the outside of science whereas the biochemical people are on the inside. But consciousness and volition appear in the same Broadway show! You can’t have one without the other.

Explaining how volition and consciousness can skew science experiments to the extent of invalidating them means you have to invoke an energy structure that will function as a co-coordinating factor in life. This structure is the human body-field. We can avoid it forever, or start being real human beings and look at ourselves as vast information transfer stations.

You can’t talk about consciousness without talking about information transfer.

And just as you can make your body-field work better, you can also increase the level of your consciousness.


  • Founder and visionary behind Juneva Health with a personal drive and passion to help clients around the world to better manage and restore optimal health throughout their body in the most natural and supportive way. He takes a personal approach to health care, getting to know clients and connecting on an emotional level to fully understand their individual health situation. Wolfgang strongly believes that people should be in charge of their own health and wants to bring this new 'information (bioenergetic) medicine' system to wider public awareness. He's a NES-certified bioenergetic and homeopathic practitioner who graduated from the Los Angeles School of Homeopathy and holds an engineering and business degree.

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