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‘Gut’ Feelings And The Fire Element

Gut feelings and the fire element - a traditional chinese medicine and new bioenergetic perspective.

We’ll investigate the relationships of some of the most important factors which influence our state of health and well-being – information in form of nutrition and what and when and how we eat, and on the other hand, the information which we perceive through our senses and which creates certain emotional energies. We will see that the Fire element of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) will play the leading role in this process.

The Five Elements - Carrier Waves For Information

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the Five Elements are often used to describe the flow of the life force Chi through the body. Those five elements are known as Metal, Fire, Water, Wood, and Earth. In this system two, one yin and the related yang meridian belong to each element, except for the element of fire, which is divided in two parts, which are known as the Fire of Heaven and the Fire of Earth element. See the images below, which were taken from Peter Fraser´s article on Coherence he finished by the end of 2011.

The phases of Chinese medicine drawn on a quantum or logarithmic wave (above).

The Body Wave and 12 Meridians (below).

Peter Fraser tried to identify the quantum nature of the five elements and found that they act as carrier waves for the information fields which in NES are known as the Energetic Integrator (EI) fields.

The first graphic shows this carrier waveform, which Peter Fraser named a quantum wave form or logarithmic wave form. It is divided into six parts of equal length and angle. The first part, where the wave form starts, represents the Metal element with Energetic Integrator 1 and 2 as we can see on the second graphic. The second and the fifth part – highlighted in red color on the first graphic – represent the Fire element. The first part in the Fire element is the carrier wave for what is called the ´Fire of Heaven´ carrying the information fields of the Energetic Integrator 3 (small intestine, mucous membranes, calcium, yang quality) and the Energetic Integrator 4 (neurotransmitters, heart, yin quality). Part three of the waveform represents the Water element with Energetic Integrators 5 and 6, part four represents the Wood element with Energetic Integrator 7 and 8; part six represents the Earth element with Energetic Integrator 11 and 12. Part five, which is the other Fire element known as ´Fire of Earth´ is placed directly opposite to the Fire of Heaven carrier waveform. Here we find Energetic Integrator 9 (triple burner, thyroid gland, hormone system, mucous membranes, pituitary, and adrenal medulla) as well as Energetic Integrator 10 (heart protector, circulation, midbrain, and adrenal cortex). Energetic Integrator 9 and 10 (Fire of Earth) plays an important role in the parasympathetic regenerative part of any disease process, when stressful moments of a resolved emotional problem can temporarily flame up again. For further information please see Peter Fraser´s book on Energy and Information in Nature and the Coherence article.

Do You Have A Gut Feeling?

Now, what about the gut feeling? Do you have it? Did you ever realize that you had a strange feeling in your belly when something irritating happened to you? Or, has there ever been a warm feeling in your belly when some problems got resolved and when you were expecting something you really liked, or, has there been the feeling of having ‘butterflies in your stomach’ when you fell in love?

You Need ESR!

We know that the ESR Infoceutical will help with stress release when there are problems with digestion because of emotional stress. ESR is an Infoceutical which was created by Peter Fraser to realign the body wave with itself as we can see it in the above graphics by bringing the intersection points into alignment again. ESR is therefore a combination made of EI-1, EI-7 and EI-12 at the beginning, the turning point in the middle, and the end of the body wave.

When we face an acute emotional conflict, the Fire of Heaven part of our body wave becomes affected and distorted or even destroyed. ESR, when given immediately, can help to prevent the shock of being imprinted into the body field. In those cases it acts like the Bach remedy named “Rescue”.

Imprinting The Shock

The imprinting of a shocking emotional event happens as the creation of an oscillational tape loop (a standing wave system) in the morphic field always related to a specific part of the brain and the related tissue (think of the brain holograms). Peter always found that people who developed chronic diseases were how he called them ‘bad imprinters’. This is why we sometimes need Energetic Star (ES)-2 Memory, or Energetic Driver (ED)-2 Imprinter Driver, at the beginning of treating any chronic process to re-establish the imprinting function of the heart. This is particularly important in such cases when a person is not aware of why healing should happen, because they have forgotten why they want to be healed and what their purpose of life would be.

When the Fire of Heaven carrier wave is distorted, the information flow through the fields of Energetic Integrator 3 and 4 also becomes distorted. Both fields are closely related to how we process everything we perceive from the outside world in our environment. Let´s have a closer look at EI-3 and the related digestive process.

Make It Sweet Before You Swallow!

Before everything we swallow (food, drinks or even events!) we need to put it into our mouth and we taste it with our tongue (EI-4!). Then we chew it (or not and cause problems in EI-11) and we use our TMJ (the quality of chewing has a strong effect on the joint and the muscles used for chewing). Even before we put something in our mouth we smell it! Our nose and tongue as sensory organs also give information to our midbrain (EI-4), even before we swallow things down we already have a taste and smell of the situation which will have an effect on how the stomach (EI-11 and EI-10!) and the small intestine will welcome what we try to digest. When we like things we also produce a lot of saliva which starts the digestion of sugar by breaking down carbs in our mouth – did you know, the longer we chew things the sweeter they become? This is not only psychology, but in fact physiology. So, take your time for eating.

The surface of our small intestine is very big – much bigger than the surface of the skin outside the body. There is the brush border which acts as protector from anything which should not get through to reach our blood. The tight junctions between the membrane cells open and create a leaky gut when there is inflammation because of emotional stress and/or toxic environment in the gut. We find very important immune tissue here (GALT, Peyer plaques), which play an important role in autoimmune diseases. There are so many important functions the intestines have to fulfill. Among others there is the movement of the digesta. In healthy conditions the mucous membrane would only let through substances which are beneficial for the body. We only absorb what we really need.

Other Important Factors

In the first place we must talk about hydration. Water is the most important substance which helps to produce the digestive juice in the stomach and pancreas. The stomach only opens and releases its content into the duodenum when there is enough alkaline liquid collected in the duodenum. This process is closely related to pH control and atrophy of the mucous membrane in the stomach. Acidity in the stomach is needed! Many people suffer from gastric mucous membrane atrophy and cannot produce acid! This will affect digestion in the intestines in general. Chewing and producing saliva for digestion is important to produce digestive juice. We all know this. From the pancreas digestive enzymes are added – very important! (EI-12 and its relationship to shock and corpus callosum balancing the two brain hemispheres!). The gallbladder (EI-7) adds its bile, but there must be enough fat in what we eat to trigger its release. Also, the liver (EI-8) must be able to produce the needed bile.

All Energetic Integrators Have Their Part In Digestion

EI-1 relates to the autonomous nervous system, skin and the ear, nose and throat region, to leaky gut or constipation.

Could it also be that the second brain in our gut is linked to EI-1? This would make sense because the body wave starts with EI-1 and it would also help to explain why EI-1 and ESR work so well when taken together for conscious emotional stress release.

EI-2 links to breathing in general. Don´t forget that breathing helps moving and massaging our bowels, even when the diaphragm is linked to EI-8. EI-4 acts through the nervous system with all its neurotransmitters. EI-5 links to many things, probably the most important for digestion is the nervous system and the lymphatic/immune system – think of the tonsils and the appendix. EI-6 helps with hydration and pH regulation, also links directly to the sigmoid and the rectum. EI-7 also links directly to duodenum and stomach. EI-8 links through the liver itself, the diaphragm and the immune function by supporting Energetic Terrains (ETs). EI-9 links to all mucous membranes in the body, EI-10 links to the pylorus in the stomach. EI-11 is so important, too – production of acid and pepsin, but probably as much important as the digestive functions are the links to the Vagus nerve. Today we know that about 90 percent of information transferred by the Vagus nerve is not coming from the brain in our head, but goes to the brain in the skull from the brain in the gut!!! Also, toxins, especially heavy metals, can travel alongside the nervous system in case of a leaky gut directly into the brain without meeting the blood circulation. We already mentioned some functions of EI-12 involved in the digestive process.

The Fire Of Heaven Should Always Burn

Still, EI-3 is the most important field for the small intestine. Our second brain in the gut works well together with our friends, the good bacteria which live in our gut system – they are many more than we have cells in our body. And they also react to all conditions which they can sense in their environment. They change their shape and even their types with their genetics in reaction to changes in their environment. The less variation we have in our diets the less will be the variation of microbe types in our gut system. Think about that! Antibiotics kill many of our microbe friends, some can hide in the appendix and re-establish a good microbe flora, but it takes time and always will be different. Be supportive to your gut microbiom – not only with choosing a good diet, but, probably more important, also with taking time for eating and practicing mental and emotional hygiene. Some researchers think that there is also a quantum field link for information exchange between the gut microbiom and the mitochondria in our cells, which also derive from bacteria. So, space resonance matching between bacteria and mitochondria should be easy.

In the intestines when our food is broken down, our body senses the season in which we are in by looking at the variety of photons in the nutrients of our food. In summer time there are more highly energized photons, mostly wave lengths of blue light, while in winter time blue light is normally missing in seasonal food. If we don´t eat seasonal food, our gut will sense the wrong season and will produce fat in winter time to prepare for a winter which never seems to happen – one of the causes of obesity epidemics.

We Can Only See And Hear With Our Hearts

Gut feeling – think about fears (EI-4) and diarrhea (or constipation)? Remember that EI-4 is linked to the emotional heart. Everything we see and hear will be checked by the heart in the chest and by the heart in the head. This way we create emotions. They may be good or bad, and the decision based on archetype, former generation´s and personal memories creates the release of different types of neurotransmitters and hormones. The Fire of Heaven element is even more important, and now we start to talk about neurotransmitters produced in the gut (EI-3) and used in the brain (midbrain EI-4). There are very strong relationships and links between the two Energetic Integrator fields. Today it is known that 95 percent of the serotonin produced in the body comes from the gut, even from gut bacteria. Serotonin has, among many others, a strong effect on the motility of the gut. Bacteria in the gut influence our mood. Look at serotonin. Read articles you can Google about serotonin and its role in IBS, MS, autism, depression etc. Also read about SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). Normally they are used for depression, but it was also found that they are of some benefit in cases of IBS. It was also found the bacteria in our gut can support increasing the number of GABA receptors in the brain, which we need for muscle relaxation and good mood. In the body-field scan result we find related readings in ES-7 – so, when there is no connection to muscle metabolism, please think about the mood and relations to the gut microbiom and stress toxic environment in the gut. It often happens that in stressful situations the midbrain uses more neurotransmitters than can be produced in the gut because of a weak microbiom, bad nutritional conditions or chronic inflammation. Then we really get in trouble and often cannot find a good solution for the situation and the body becomes even more stressed and the situation gets worse… You may have heard about Adverse Childhood Events (ACE). This article might provide some useful information for understanding the mechanism within the body-field.


We could add many more links and go for further investigation. For now, please remember that there is a very strong connection between the brain in the gut and the brain in the head. Probably the brain in the gut is the more important one? In the order and hierarchy of the body field EI-3 comes before EI-4. Also, I believe that the ENS (enteric nervous system) is much more unconscious than the CNS (central nervous system). But, still, we can perceive information from it – always ask yourself – does it feel good to me? Any disturbing feelings tell us that we should use our brain in the head to take action that the brain in the gut would feel right and produces a good mood to keep us well and healthy. How we digest the things which happen around us is very important for our health. Death resides in the gut. This saying seems to be true, but that does not mean we always start therapy on the body-field using Infoceuticals EI-3 and EI-4. You could see that all Energetic Integrator fields take part in digestion.

Keep in mind that the best healing outcomes can be achieved using Infoceuticals and miHealth in combination also with other important factors for life – which are breathing, nutrition, exercise, emotional and mental calming... - all supporting our two brains in the Fire of Heaven element. And never forget to think about the Heart Driver ED-6 for supporting the abdominal cavity with source energy!

​Suggested further readings (but you will find many more articles and books when you Google the topic):

[1] S.M. O’Mahony et al. / Behavioural Brain Research 277 (2015) 32–48

[2] Peter Faser – Coherence, article 2011

[3] Peter Fraser, Energy and Information in Nature. Get your copy in our online store.


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