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Did You Know The Human Body-Field Has Its Own Immune System?

Did you know the human body field has its own immune system?


Dr. Norman Gregg, an Australian ophthalmologist, discovered in 1942 that babies born of women who had had rubella (also known as German measles) early in their pregnancies often suffered from congenital defects, such as cataracts and heart disease.

His evidence was rejected as insufficient by British medical officials, but he was later proved to be correct.

As a childhood disease, rubella is an insignificant one, so far as symptoms go, but it has turned out to leave a nasty legacy in terms of birth defects that result from maternal exposure during early pregnancy [1]:

  • Multiple congenital anomalies
  • Deafness due to cochlear degeneration
  • Cataracts
  • Congenital heart disease
  • Retardation of growth
  • Diabetes in children
  • Visual defects

How Can Such A Mild Disease Have Such Devastating Effects?

There have been observations concerning the virus’s ability to affect mitosis, which may be part of the story.

However, NES bioenergetics has amassed a body of interesting observations and evidence that can add to our knowledge of this subject, evidence which comes from my matching tests with the Energetic Terrains (ETs) and the related Infoceuticals.

Of the fifteen Energetic Terrain Infoceuticals, only one will match with the in-wave[2] test item I have for protons and electrons. That is the ET-0 Infoceutical.

A more specialized version of this Infoceutical formula matches with the viral family Togaviridae. (Viruses are classified and arranged into large “families,” and the Togaviridae family includes more than two dozen viruses in the Alphavirus genus part of that family and only one—rubella—in the Rubivirus genus of the family.)

A rubella vaccine was introduced in many Western countries in 1969, and since then there has been an increase in immunity from the 80% of people who have acquired natural immunity to some higher figure, especially in women of child-bearing age.[3]

However, the use of vaccinations in general, and the rubella vaccine in particular, has raised many questions and opened up a quasi-public debate that I would like to mention as context for my discussion about the bioenergetics of body-field immunity.

The rubella vaccine, and many other live or partially live vaccines, recently has been questioned as to long-term safety.

Many people have stopped having their children vaccinated.

Since 1972, a combined Mumps, Measles and Rubella (MMR) vaccine has been widely used, and it too has been called into question concerning unintended side effects, such as a possible correlation to autism.

I take no stand on that controversy in this paper, and the point is made only to illuminate how it has become a problem for virologists to convince a growing percentage of the general public that use of a vaccination containing live attenuated rubella virus is safe and efficacious.

They also are hesitant to discuss whether any of the purported possible side effects of the vaccine are worse than those possible from infection by the naturally occurring virus.

Many virologists are not willing to discuss the matter, and many who are do so reluctantly, voicing concern that such discussions might cause women to refuse the vaccination.

However, this consequence is already a reality, open discussion or not.

This is the charged political and scientific context of my present investigation into the bioenergetic aspects of immunity. My request is that both sides of the debate relax and remain open to alternative viewpoints, such as the bioenergetic one I am about to offer. With that said, I will now plunge into an overview of my investigations.

Immunity And The Human Body-Field

The acquired immunity correlation between the physical body and the human body-field relates to the formation of sero-specific antibodies to viral diseases.

Yet I am not able to say which NES Infoceutical refers to this process. The antibody system is clearly specific to certain strains of viruses. For example, of the seventy or so variations of the human papilloma virus (HPV) responsible for cervical infection in women, only a handful are linked to an increase in cancer risk. The underlying reasons for this are not clear.

As I explored immunity using the body-field “matching system” I developed over decades,[4] I came across a curious result that eventually spurred me to come up with the range of Infoceuticals called Energetic Terrains.

It started with an exploration from Traditional Chinese Medicine of the divergent meridians, which are secondary pathways deep within the body that have no acupuncture points.

There are six pairs of them, and in the 1980s using my experimental method of matching, I found they communicated to bioenergetic imprints of heart tissue, myocardium specifically, and curiously enough also to human DNA and RNA samples available as homeopathic preparations.

In my tests, the divergent meridian pairs were the only meridians that communicated with genetic material, so I knew they must be of huge importance to the body.

I also realized that, since viruses are just single- or double-structured bits of RNA or DNA, there might actually be a match between sets of divergent meridians and the serotypes of viruses.

However, no such matches occurred. Instead of matches with serotypes, I found the divergent meridians matched to entire families of viruses.

Somehow, I had bypassed the immune system again!

After years of grappling with the idea, which seemed outrageous at the time, I only recently came to conclude that what I had discovered was no actual viral family at all but the body’s genetic response to viral invasion at an energetic level!

But that is a very recent development, and in terms of the Energetic Terrains, it was from these original tests that I eventually formulated the theory of the ETs as internal structures or environments in the body-field.

When formulating my ideas of the ETs, I used testing ampoules containing the energetic imprints of sets of four, eight, twelve or sixteen aspects of the internal structures of the body-field information system.

Among the major curiosities of these body-field structures was a correlation to the non-pathogenic aspects of bacterial and viral families and their bioenergetic fields.

That is, the correlation was not related to the viral serotypes or their antibodies. The body-field appeared to remain undistorted in terms of immunity issues even in the presence of some of these viral fields.

Curiously, once I developed the ET Infoceuticals and tested their matches, I found they are able to bioenergetically communicate, all at once, with the fields of entire bacterial and viral families.

My work on the Energetic Terrains was carried out mostly from 1992 to 2003[5], and the ET Infoceuticals appeared to have clinical effects, although according to allopathic viral theory nothing would be expected to occur clinically from their use, as they work according to an entirely different theoretical model.

The theory favored by allopathy—that the body forms antibodies in response to viral infection and the like—is verifiable. However, there is more to the story.

My bioenergetic matching tests reveal that the energetic replicas of antibodies have little or no clinical efficacy. If allopathic theory is the whole story in viral infection and immunity, then the pressing question is why don’t they?

In answer to that question, after years of careful thought and investigation, I have come to think that the physical body produces a generalized bioenergetic “healing” message, possibly from cells in the cerebral cortex, that may confer or bolster immunity by helping the body resist infection to an entire viral or bacterial family at once.

That is a bold conjecture, but my matching tests suggest this is indeed the case.

So, NES clearly has something intriguing and perhaps clinically better to offer in terms of immune theory than the current theory of antibody formation. My fond hope is that although this is an idea that needs much more development and exploration, it is looked into by others and does not lie dormant for 150 years, as do so many radical theories. It could lead us to more effective clinical approaches to addressing infection and immunity issues.

Historical Highlights Of A New Theory Of Immunity

I am saying that evidence obtained from years of bioenergetic matching experiments leads me to the view that there is a supra-chemical—a bioenergetic--immune response based on the correlated activity of certain sets of DNA or RNA sequences, the heart and specialized cells in the cortex.

Together their activities/processes give rise to an information-field resistance to an entire viral family at once.

Such a bold statement requires explanation, so I will present a bit of NES history to explain why I didn’t follow the allopathic model.

Simply put, bioenergetically speaking it did not work!

In my matching tests as far back as the early 1990s, I found that when I tried to make matches between the various immune cells that academic theory is fond of—white cells, monocytes, lymphocytes of many types and macrophage system cells and so on—I found they did not communicate with any structures of the human body-field.

It was quite an extraordinary finding that boggled my mind for a long time.

I could also find no matches with related Infoceuticals. For example, there was no match between monocytes and any Infoceutical, although there were enough Infoceuticals covering the correlations to allopathic biology that there should have been.

So, I was finally forced to ask the radical, even crazy, question, “Are these cells really important to immunity?”

Bear in mind that I had read allopathic treatises on immunity, the 700-page tomes recounting the various allopathic theories.

I discovered, among other things, that allopathy has very little idea how to enhance immune function. They can destroy it with antibiotics (as antibodies actually destroy immune elements in the blood), but they can’t actually make it work better.

However, during the 1990s I learned through my bioenergetic investigations that a useful way to enhance immunity was by using bioenergetic stimulation of the bone marrow, which contains many blastic cells for immunity, such as macroblasts, mesoblasts, erythroblasts and lymphoblasts.

Evidence suggests that a useful combination of Infoceuticals for bionergetically supporting the body-field when the body is dealing with infections is Energetic Driver 16 (Bone Driver) and Energetic Star 1 (correlates bioenergetically with the lymph system).[6]

However, it did not occur to me until 2009 that the human body-field may actually have what can be thought of as an energetic immune system of its own.

I came to this realization in a roundabout way that started with my thinking more deeply about meridians.

The ancient Chinese sages had known that the divergent meridian pairs—deep inner meridians that have no acupuncture points—link to the brain and heart, fingers and toes, shoulders and neck, among other links.

When I tested these links bioenergetically using my matching technique, I found this not to be entirely accurate. For example, I found a divergent meridian pair that went to the brain, but it communicated only with the cerebral cortex and no other part of the brain.

Back in the 1990s, I had already discovered that all twelve divergent meridians match bioenergetically to human RNA and DNA and that no other meridians do.

Now I had another piece of the puzzle through the correlation to the cerebral cortex.

The path of discovery from there is too long to recount in this paper, but a lot of divergent information came together, including alternate theories of viruses by Stephan Lanka and work on the brain and cancer by Dr. Ryke Hamer and others.

I came to the idea that the divergent meridians are a key to immunity but only, as I found through my testing, when they are arranged or addressed in a certain order.

As I had in the past, I found that the body-field structure displays a “preferred sequence” to being understood and worked with.

I further believe that the roots of this ordinality originate in the arrangement of the genome, which is also ordinal.

I came up with a test formula for an Energetic Terrain Infoceutical that I called “Liberator” to bioenergetically address the “noise” from the mind/emotional tape loops that so affect the body’s energetic system, partially based on the theoretical work of Dr. Ryke Hamer and the New Medicine, and of Richard Flook and colleagues in META-Medicine.

This was my first attempt to achieve some coherence in the body-field in terms of immunity.

Then I tested a sequence of divergent meridians, and they revealed themselves to prefer two arrangements of four sets of information.

It took a few days for me to actually realize that the divergent meridians may not actually exist as real energy paths in the body, as the Chinese system posits, and may in fact be patterns of energy in the human body-field.

The correlation in the body, via the bioenergetical route, is that cells in the cortex, neural cells in the heart and some DNA or RNA sequences appear to actually produce an energetic pattern that helps the body deal with, or compensate for, a viral attack.

This is a bioenergetic immune response, which appears to be many times stronger than the biochemical one.

I also made an ET test ampoule from my own body and carried out a series of matching tests. The match was to the Togaviridae family, with its 28 serotypes in two groups.

This suggested my exposure to rubella virus. I discovered my mother had rubella in her third month of pregnancy with me, and I do have moderately bad nerve deafness, but that is supposedly inherited.

I used the new ET test item to trace where the “terrain” could be found and it showed up in the cerebral cortex—in particular, in the temporal lobes and, to be even more precise, in the caudate nucleus, which is the center for language comprehension.[7]

As Louis Pasteur is supposed to have said so long ago, “The terrain is everything.” He was absolutely correct!

I was curious to see if I could trace a bioenergetic pathway for how rubella infection can detrimentally affect hearing, and then to see if there appeared to be a way to address the pathway bioenergetically.

I had to trace the bioenergetic pathways first by looking at the ear as a physical mechanism, a piece of hardware if you like.

And then also as a piece of software, with its connections to the lateral ventricles and caudate nucleus. In the process, I found a link to the nerves to the heart.

The result is that I found that if the body-field can resist the various Togaviruses, you won’t go deaf.

The Energetic Terrain for resisting Togaviruses generally appeared to be ET-0. What all this showed, in addition to the finding of the correlated ET, was that it may be theoretically erroneous to think you get “a virus”.

My bioenergetic matching tests don’t support this theory. From body-field scans, you can see that many people appear to have six, eight or more ETs (correlations to viral exposure or infections at a strictly bioenergetic level) at once.

I think now the better way to think of this is that the correlation is to their having many bioenergetic immune responses at once. (The response does not have to be to an actual microorganism, but only to a field.)

To push the testing even further, I decided to use an ET Infoceutical version that was about twenty times stronger than the one for ET-0. It was made from Liberator, a Infoceutical, that correlates to the Togaviridae field, and the Energetic Integrator 4 Infoceutical, which correlates to the heart.

The resulting new testing Infoceutical did not match to any part of the ear or its related fields. The ear has scores of structures and fields, so this was surprising.

What I found ultimately, using myself as a test case, was that my kind of deafness is bioenergetically correlated to the temporal lobes of the cerebral cortex.

I took the Infoceutical anyway, and what I experienced after a few hours was a gurgling in my eustachian tubes. I also got a cortical headache and felt slightly dizzy.

A little later I could even hear my own voice via bone conduction. It sounded different, with more high frequencies than normal, but this effect ended very quickly.

Over the next few days I had aches in the feet, sore eyes, aches in the hips and shoulders, and episodes of hearing sounds louder than I had before. I also was sleeping heavily.

Togaviruses at work bioenergetically? I explored further and realized that I had missed something in the making of this new Infoceutical formula. It turned out to be ET-4, which correlates to the central nervous system. Adding this to the formula made this Infoceutical “smoother.”

So what did all this testing amount to? For now, it appears that we know more about immunity, and in terms of clinical correlations it suggests that several existing and available Infoceuticals may prove useful bioenergetically for those affected by Togaviridae generally[8]:

  • EI-4
  • ED-3
  • ET-0
  • ET-4

Their use may correlate bioenergetically with getting a response from the body-field’s energetic immune system when it is affected by Togaviridae and/or its field.

This body-field stimulation may correlate to helping the body deal with damage caused by or correlated to infectious agents. Some conditions associated with infectious agents include[9]:

  • Arthritis
  • Fevers
  • Encephalitis
  • Blindness
  • Deafness
  • Heart murmur
  • Diabetes
  • Pulmony artery stenosis
  • Developmental errors
  • Swelling of the liver and spleen

The implications for a new theory of virology are immense.

For instance, from the allopathic view, viremia is defined as the spread of a virus via the blood of the host.

Viruses, when they get into the blood, are carried in leukocytes and lymphocytes or monocytes. Macrophages act as destroyers. This is the standard model of virology according to the allopathic view.[10]

Yet biochemcial medicine has not discovered how to affect any of these blood/immune cells, so there is almost no treatment other than those may result in cell poisoning by the remedies in the allopathic medicine bag.

Since allopaths can’t actually do much for viral infection in practice, it may be time to take a new look at what may be able to be done via the bioenergetic route.

The Pandora’s Box is now opening, as we appear to have an energetic immune system as well as a biochemical one, and we may be able to get it to work on viral infections in ways the biochemical system cannot.

For those of us open to such radical new ideas and evidence, we can only believe that we live in exciting times!


[1] David O. White & Frank J. Fenner, Medical Virology, Academic Press, 1970: p. 428.

[2] See Milo Wolff’s space resonance theory for an explanation of in-waves and out-waves. An overview is provided in the NES book, Decoding the Human Body-Field: The New Science of Information as Medicine. Get your copy in our online shop.

[3] David O. White & Frank J. Fenner, Medical Virology, Academic Press, 1970: p. 431. The statistic for the increase in immunity from the 80% figure is not provided in this book.

[4] See the book Decoding the Human Body-Field for an explanation of my matching method. Get your copy in our online shop.

[5] In 2008-2009, the Energetic Terrains have become a major focus once again. New research into other areas, including DNA-RNA information transfer, viral theory and general brain bioenergetics has spurred a revision and update of my ET theory and the creation of new Infoceuticals.

[6] For use in the same protocol, not mixed together. NES practice is to follow the scan and the Standard Protocol. Any Infoceutical protocols I suggest are based on my theoretical explorations and are not explicit directions for use in NES clinical practice unless they have been officially included in training materials.

[7] Wikipedia: the free encyclopedia, “Caudate nucleus,”

[8] NES practice is to follow the scan and the Standard Protocol. Any Infoceutical protocols I suggest are based on my theoretical explorations and are not explicit directions for use in NES clinical practice unless they have been officially included in training materials.

[9] David O. White and Frank J. Fenner, Medical Virology, Academia Press (1970), p 428.

[10] Op cit, p 94.


  • Founder and visionary behind Juneva Health with a personal drive and passion to help clients around the world to better manage and restore optimal health throughout their body in the most natural and supportive way. He takes a personal approach to health care, getting to know clients and connecting on an emotional level to fully understand their individual health situation. Wolfgang strongly believes that people should be in charge of their own health and wants to bring this new 'information (bioenergetic) medicine' system to wider public awareness. He's a NES-certified bioenergetic and homeopathic practitioner who graduated from the Los Angeles School of Homeopathy and holds an engineering and business degree.

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