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Joint Health Has a Deeper Meaning

In the US, July is National Arthritis Awareness month. Rather than focus on the negative, we like to focus on rejuvenating the body and feeding it positive information. At Juneva together with NES, we are focused on joint health and improved comfort. Painful joints are not just physical manifestations, they are also connected to other […]

How Body-Field Scans Helped Lead To A Rare Medical Diagnosis

Bioenergetic screening can suggest possible functional/subclinical imbalances in the body, based on distortions in the body-field, which makes it an excellent complement to medical screening. This becomes extremely useful, particularly when medical screening is unremarkable, and there are chronic and significant symptoms. Such was the case with a young woman, whose digestive symptoms became progressively […]

Dr. Peter Hotez: “Snuff Out” Anti-Vaccine Movement

AN ARTICLE FROM MARCO CÁCERES PUBLISHED BY THE NATIONAL VACCINE INFORMATION CENTER. Occasionally, I come across an article that really riles me. Okay fine, when it comes to vaccine science and vaccination policy, I’ll admit this happens almost every day. Still, there was an opinion published recently in Scientific American that I found particularly annoying. […]

One Of The Worst Pharmaceutical Disasters In History Is Still Relevant Today

AN ARTICLE PUBLISHED BY THE NATIONAL VACCINE INFORMATION CENTER. DES (diethylstilbestrol) is a synthetic estrogen that was given to pregnant women from 1940 through the early 1970s. DES was touted as a “wonder drug” that would prevent miscarriage and morning sickness. It was only after millions of women and fetuses were exposed to DES that […]

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