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Vaccines Against Painkiller Drugs Coming Soon

AN ARTICLE PUBLISHED BY KATE RAINES | THE NATIONAL VACCINE INFORMATION CENTER. Highly addictive opioid drugs, including morphine, codeine, oxycodone, and hydrocodone, among others, are not only the most common agents used for pain management throughout the world but also are an increasingly common culprit in today’s epidemic of addiction. It is not only recreational […]

Joseph Mercola, DO On The Decline Of Mercury and Increase Of Aluminum In Vaccines

AN ARTICLE PUBLISHED BY THE NATIONAL VACCINE INFORMATION CENTER. “Mercury (thimerosal) exposure has declined significantly since it was eliminated from the single-dose vials of most childhood vaccines, yet autism rates have continued to skyrocket. This has led many to assume that mercury isn’t a problem, and anyone questioning the safety of vaccines is considered to […]

Is Your Baby Getting Too Much Aluminum?

AN ARTICLE PUBLISHED BY THE NATIONAL VACCINE INFORMATION CENTER. Aluminum is a metal that seems harmless. We wrap our food in it, cook with it, and swallow aluminum in food and water every day since it occurs naturally in the environment. There is aluminum in breast milk and even more in baby formula. And aluminum […]

Stress Mess: How the Body-Field Is Impacted By Chaos

Stress. We all feel it. Today, many of us cope with stress every day as the world around us changes. Relationships, finances, employment, and careers – or just life itself can be stressful at times. When we are stressed, the human body-field gets temporarily distorted from its normal spherical shape. When the sphere is not […]

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