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Did You Know The Human Body-Field Has Its Own Immune System?

AN ARTICLE FROM PETER FRASER. Dr. Norman Gregg, an Australian ophthalmologist, discovered in 1942 that babies born of women who had had rubella (also known as German measles) early in their pregnancies often suffered from congenital defects, such as cataracts and heart disease. His evidence was rejected as insufficient by British medical officials, but he […]

How Much Do You Really Know About The Flu Vaccine?

Did you know that the flu vaccine is the number one selling vaccine in America, but it is also the least effective? Each year, pharmaceutical companies produce over 150 million doses of influenza vaccine. Each dose sells for about $20, making flu vaccination a $3 billion annual industry. Over the past decade, annual flu vaccine […]

Spring Into Wellness: “Bloom and Grow” With These 5 Infoceuticals

Historically, spring has always been a time of rebirth and renewal – nearly all religious and spiritual traditions celebrate the transition from winter darkness and the “death” of the old to spring’s period of opening, blossoming and growth of the new. Energy medicine naturally aligns with living “seasonally,” which means we honor the cyclical rhythm […]

Heart Health And Bioenergetics

According to the American Heart Association’s 2015 statistics, heart disease remains the leading global cause of death. For the United States, this ranking reportedly has held since 1921. While actual death rates due to cardiovascular disease have been declining for many years, current estimates suggest that over 85 million people in the U.S. are living […]

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