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Test Stress: How To Help Kids Cope During Exams

Whether the pressure comes from peers, teachers, parents or yourself, examination stress can be all consuming for some young people. Most of the time children are resilient, adaptable and pretty laid back about life changes and being put on the spot, but some have a shadow hanging over them as exams creep up. Some get […]

Add Imprinted Music To Your Healing Journey!

NES imprinted music is the perfect addition to your personal healing journey! Choose from several sound healing CDs / downloads that are designed to induce relaxation, focus, love, and improve the body-field’s overall coherence. Order yours today in our online shop.

Open Your Heart With Our New “Love” Infoceutical Set

Valentine’s Day is approaching, which – whether we like it or not – often brings up feelings we have about love: How it is given and received in our relationships. How it is either lacking or abundant in our lives. How it even looks, smells, and tastes, as we’re bombarded with the commercial manifestation of […]

Lyme Disease And Energy Medicine: Is There A Cure?

Lyme disease is considered one of the fastest-growing epidemics in the world. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that the number of people diagnosed with Lyme disease each year in the United States is around 300,000. [1] What Is Lyme Disease? – Two Opposing Views 1. Bacterial Lyme disease may be characterized […]

The Ancient Secret Behind NES’ New Infoceutical Formula

Over the past year, since NES Health met with Dr. Gerald Pollock, they’ve been researching and testing the best way to create structured water in order to provide the best possible carrier medium for their Infoceuticals. We’re happy to announce that a new Infoceutical formula is here. But first, a little background…

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