Susie D.

I have been seeing Dr. Wolfgang Scheinhart for several months and couldn't be happier. The first time I went to him I was having GallBladder issues, and of course my very first scan with Dr. Scheinhart it showed up among other things. He prescribed me with some infoceuticals and I have NOT had any issues since! He goes above and beyond and is so patient with all of my questions and concerns! Every month I get a scan that detects the distortions in my body field at that time and then I get prescribed my infoceuticals that I take daily. They are easy to take. I was so blown away by how incredibly accurate the scans are. Dr. Scheinhart is so prompt at returning my phone calls and even picks up my calls if he is able to. At it is very easy to make your appointments (you can even call him direct and he will make them for you). I am so happy to have found him! I know it works because I feel the shifts each time. It's like an onion, peeling one layer at a time! Thank you Dr. Scheinhart for all that you do to help us live a better/healthier life!! Don't even think twice about doing this call now and make your appointment you WILL NOT BE SORRY!! CHILL!!