Frequently asked questions.

For your convenience, we have listed many of the questions we often receive and provided you with our responses here. Feel free to contact us with any of your questions via email to, or call us at 1-855-688-3760 and select option 3.

Aires Lifetune Device (15)

Multiple studies were conducted proving significant effectiveness of the product in reducing the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. Find out more here

The Aires Lifetune Device has been designed to work effectively on any data transmitting devices such as cell phones, smart phones, tablets, laptops, PCs, smart TVs, WiFi routers, smart meters, and more.

Yes, the Lifetune Device can work with a protective case. It can be applied on top or underneath it.

Yes, one is enough for small devices, such as cell phones, smart phones, tablets, Wi-Fi routers, etc. It is recommended to use multiple Lifetune Device units for larger devices, such as smart TVs, PCs and large computer screens.

The Lifetune Device will continue working and will be effective while its structural integrity is preserved. Physically damaging the Lifetune Device or separating its original adhesive layer from the device it is applied to will impair Lifetune Device’s performance.

No, you can apply it on a device once. The Lifetune Device could be damaged if you try to remove it and reapply it elsewhere. The adhesive layer will lose its hold if removed.

Our product doesn’t block EMR/EMF, by doing so it will block the function of the device that emits the signal. Testing the device with an EMR/EMF meter will not show you a significant reduction of the EMF because instead of blocking the field we are modifying it, not necessarily reducing its intensity. Alternatively, you could test the effectiveness of the device by measuring the change in body’s response to an EMR emitting device with and without our product being applied to it. This could be tested using an encephalographic and other similar devices under laboratory conditions. You can read about verifying the effect here: View Peer-review

The only adequate test to verify the effectiveness is to measure the human response to EMR with and without the device. The device cannot be tested at home as the testing procedure requires specialized equipment to measure the person’s physical condition after or during interaction with EMR. You can read about verifying the effect here

The recommended coverage diameter of the effective influence of the Lifetune Device is ~2 meter. Find out more here.

Your magnet will not have an effect on the use or function of the Lifetune products.

Simply place it on a flat surface or use the provided adhesive to attach to a vertical surface.

The Lifetune Device does not require any external power. It is a passive device powered by the electromagnetic field of devices around it.

The tested frequency range is between 2.4GHz to 28GHz (5G). For more details please see “Computer Modelling Calculations” here.