Bioenergetics – what is it?

Bioenergetics looks at the dynamics of energy exchange within living systems. If we look at the human body and take it down to the atomic level, most of it (some 99.9%) is empty space. That’s a whole lot of nothing.

Physics tells us this isn’t the case. Physics says that if you could see the minuscule “empty” spaces, you’d see it’s actually full of whirling waves of energy.

Further, if you look continually at both, your body and the cells that are contained in your body, your cells are exchanging energy with the outside environment, i.e., in the wall of the water around them.

Your body is exchanging energy. If you look at this from a macro point of view, you eat. That's a source of energy. You walk around and move and that's an exchange of energy. You go outside and the sunlight hits you and charges you up. You might take your shoes off and walk on the ground and get energy from the earth.

This is the stuff of life. This is what we come from.

Bioenergetics is the study of this energy system and how it can affect your biology. It’s something NES has been studying for nearly 20 years now -- how we can take this knowledge of the energy within us and use it to affect our health and wellness.

The “re”-discovery of the body-field.

What science is continually finding is what the ancients already knew. Bioenergetics is the natural meeting point of the past and the future, leading the way in our thinking about medicine and health.

We now have the technology to observe energetic effects within the body. We know more about the energetics of water and how it interacts with everything that the body does and is.

We understand more about how we capture light energy and how it both energizes and informs life.

The bioenergetics approach is to assess and correct the body’s unified field as well as the individual fields and information pathways that control everything happening at the biochemical level. This is why we’re able to achieve results that biochemistry often cannot.

Unlike other systems, NES does not use Galvanic Skin Response (which can be altered by skin moisture and even movement during a lengthy scan) or meridian point testing (which can be altered by the practitioner). The NES scan interacts only with the body-field.

NES’ scan tells us how well someone’s body-field is powered, whether it is transferring information correctly, whether it is responding well to environmental fields and other factors, and whether it is recognizing and using nutrients properly. Based on the scan, we are able to restore proper function to your body-field with energy and corrective information provided by NES miHealth device (ideal for clearing body-field blockages and assisting with symptom relief) and NES Infoceuticals (liquid remedies).

When you are dealing with chronic, even complex and possibly long-term health issues, or would like to optimize your energy and performance, or are seeking a natural and effective approach to prevent serious health issues before they even occur, you have come to the right place.

If you are ready to experience this revolutionary bioenergetic wellness system derived by over 30 years of research, then we have an exciting offer for helping you restore your health and wellness! matter where you are located.

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