Teresa L.

I have been seeing Dr. Wolfgang Scheinhart for several months and couldn't be happier. He goes above and beyond with his time and care. I have an extremely complex case that has been a challenge for all the other various doctors I have seen. The NES technology is amazing and so simple to do. Every month I get a scan that detects the distortions in my body field at that time and then I get prescribed my infoceuticals that I take daily. They are so easy to take because you can take them anytime....with food or without, with supplements or medications. The scans are so incredibly accurate too. I look at NES as great preventative care as well. When I get my body more stable I still plan on using NES to keep my body as healthy as I can. These days we are exposed to so many chemicals and toxins that we can't avoid no matter how clean are diet is. Plus, the NES works on more than the physical level. It shows how your distortion can be related to emotional issues which seems to be a big part for me. It clears it all an I don't even have to remember the event to deal with it. Truly amazing! If I ever have questions Dr. Wolfgang is so prompt at returning my phone calls. Very easy to make appointments. I am so happy to have found him so close by. But even if you don't live within driving distance he does remote work which is just as beneficial. I just can't say enough good things about NES. I know it works because I feel the shifts each time.