Shellie B.

My experience from day 1 from a warm hand off referral from someone to NES has been exceptional. I came to NES at a point when I was having difficulty with trusting traditional medicines approach to treatment. I felt like I was a walking credit card in a guess game. When you want to just feel better or feel like you’re going in the right direction that only adds more stress. I immediately did my own research and reading and felt very comfortable with the process, approach and the practitioners. All of the methods that I’ve used have been non-intrusive. I don’t feel like I’m an experiment. I can feel myself improving. I know that I didn’t get here overnight but I appreciate the genuineness, commitment and time that my practitioner gives me every time, not to mention an extra bonus of sense of humor. I have no complaints from warm, friendly consultation, tech support, orders, deliveries are all on point. Consider this as a warm hand off referral to give it a try if you are tired of medicine as usual and want something extra that works.