Frequently asked questions.

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Aires Lifetune Personal (16)

Multiple studies were conducted proving significant effectiveness of the product in reducing the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. Find out more here.

Our product doesn’t block EMR/EMF, by doing so it will block the function of the device that emits the signal. Testing the device with an EMR/EMF meter will not show you a significant reduction of the EMF because instead of blocking the field we are modifying it, not necessarily reducing its intensity. Alternatively, you could test the effectiveness of the device by measuring the change in body’s response to an EMR emitting device with and without our product being applied to it. This could be tested using an encephalograph and other similar devices under laboratory conditions. You can read about verifying the effect here.

The topological circuit of the Aires patented microprocessor’s resonator antenna accumulates charges. A cell phone’s or other electronic device’s “electromagnetic impulse generator” serves as the source of these charges. When an excess charge (polarization) has built up, it is automatically redistributed to the Aires microprocessor, which uses the charge to cause a coherent transformation of the field in the form of a hologram – made up of regularly alternating maxima and minima. The hologram interacts with external radiation, restructures it (forward and reverse Fourier transform) and matches it with a person’s own radiation, thus eliminating conflict between the external radiation and the radiation from the human body’s cells.

Carry it in close proximity to you, for example in your front pocket, in a bag, or under your pillow while sleeping. For optimal results carry it on your chest in the provided pouch at the level of the celiac plexus.

The Lifetune Personal does not require any external power. It is a passive device powered by the electromagnetic field of devices around it.

A Printed Circuit Board with gold immersion coating and a Monocrystalline Silicon wafer chip, and a polymer protective layer.

The effectiveness will not deteriorate as long as the Aires microprocessor’s integrity is maintained.

No negative effects on human health have been observed. The beneficial effect is based on reducing exposure to external electromagnetic radiation. This reduces the drain on the body caused by its fight against the effects of electromagnetic radiation. The body receives additional adaptive powers by using its own store of health. If you experience any discomfort, discontinue the use immediately.

No, it does not affect the quality of communications and does not interfere with the operation of devices.

Yes, it is completely safe for a child to use the Lifetune Personal. Children should not have the device hung around their neck as the harness may pose a hazard. A newborn in a crib may have the Lifetune Personal placed under the mattress or somewhere on the crib and a Lifetune Device on the baby monitor.

A one-year manufacturer warranty provided by Aires Technologies on item defects, from the date of purchase.

The only adequate test to verify the effectiveness is to measure the human response to EMR with and without the device. The device cannot be tested at home as the testing procedure requires specialized equipment to measure the person’s physical condition after or during interaction with EMR. You can read about verifying the effect here.

The recommended coverage diameter of the effective influence of the Lifetune Personal is ~69 feet (23m). The closer the Lifetune Personal is to the body, the more effective it is. Find out more here.