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Aires Defender Automotive (17)

Multiple studies were conducted proving significant effectiveness of the product in reducing the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. Find out more here

It works by transforming EMR into normalized (coherent) form. Not only does it transform the electromagnetic field around the electronic device, it also matches it to that of a human, thus eliminating the need for the body to waste further effort fighting the effects of EMR. It has been proven by several investigations conducted by scientific, medical, and physics institutes.

9-11 feet (3-3.5 meters). It should be placed inside the car for maximum effectiveness.

It can be placed on the windshield, in the sun visor, hung in the holster on the mirror or placed anywhere inside the car with the provided adhesive layer.

It is made from woven laminate (the material used to make computer boards) with a special Immersion Gold coating, silicon, and a protective coating.

The technology is coherent transformation of EMR. Not only does it transform the electromagnetic field around an electronic device, but it also harmonizes it with the body’s electromagnetic field.

No negative effects on human health have been observed. The beneficial effect is based on reducing exposure to external electromagnetic radiation. This reduces the drain on the body caused by its fight against the effects of electromagnetic radiation. The body receives additional adaptive powers by using its own store of health.

No, it does not affect the quality of communications and does not interfere with the operation of devices.

Yes, it is completely safe for a child to use/have the Aires Defender Automotive close to them.

One year from the date of purchase provided directly by the manufacturer - Aires Technologies.

Our product doesn’t block EMR/EMF, by doing so it will block the function of the device that emits the signal. Here is how the device works: Testing the device with an EMR/EMF meter will not show you a significant reduction of the EMF because instead of blocking the field we are modifying it, not necessarily reducing its intensity. Alternatively, you could test the effectiveness of the device by measuring the change in body’s response to an EMR emitting device with and without our product being applied to it. This could be tested using an encephalographic and other similar devices under laboratory conditions. You can read about verifying the effect here: View Peer-review

The only adequate test to verify the effectiveness is to measure the human response to EMR with and without the device. The device cannot be tested at home as the testing procedure requires specialized equipment to measure the person’s physical condition after or during interaction with EMR. You can read about verifying the effect here