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Bioenergetic Watermelon Recovery Smoothie

Just in time for summer another recipe from Kimberly Knox, NES Health’s Bioenergetic Cook and Health Coach. We are experiencing the heat of summer throughout most of the Northern Hemisphere and although we celebrate National Heart month in the United States throughout February, the summer solstice starts the season of the Heart in Traditional Chinese […]

CDC: Autism Rate Going Up

AN ARTICLE PUBLISHED BY RISHMA PARPIA, BARBARA LOE FISHER AND THE NATIONAL VACCINE INFORMATION CENTER. A report released by the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in April 2018 revealed that in 2014, one in 59 eight-year-old children across 11 communities in the United States were identified as having autism spectrum disorder (ASD).[1] […]

Want more energy? You should try this…

Getting outdoors and moving your body is key to boosting your health and supercharging your energy! Our bodies are designed to move, and science proves time and time again that those who exercise consistently have more energy, less fatigue, and a sharper focus. We are well-aware that this science proves true, yet, oftentimes, we find […]

EMF Radiation: 3 easy ways to protect yourself now

Do you ever stop to think about how amazing of an impact technology has on our lives? In the matter of moments, we have access to more information right at our fingertips than even before. With technology, we have the ability to video chat long-distance with friends and relatives, and even health practitioners can help […]

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