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How The Human Body-Field Deals With Toxins (And How Infoceuticals Can Help)

From Peter Fraser’s article “Detox to Save Your Life.” We are used to the homeopath’s traditional idea of using low-potency herbs for the liver and kidney organs, or even the lymphatic system. NES research improved on this idea, taking it to the next level. “The actual body process in dealing with material toxic to the […]

Biohacking Secrets with Anthony DiClementi

At Juneva we know that conventional approaches to health can sometimes be a terrible dead end. If you feel the same way then you will enjoy this awesome podcast with Harry Massey and Anthony DiClementi, the author of The Biohacker’s Guide, about some of the unconventional things they both had to use to restore their […]

Influenza Vaccine Update 2017

AN ARTICLE PUBLISHED BY JOSEPH MERCOLA, DO AND THE NATIONAL VACCINE INFORMATION CENTER. It’s that time again. Flu season. And with it, a constant barrage of reminders to get your annual flu shot. Interestingly enough, what you’re being told about the influenza vaccine’s effectiveness and the reality are two very different stories. In January 2015, […]

All About Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy

Health begins with energy and the NES miHealth device is a great tool for delivering energetic frequencies to the Body-Field along with Infoceuticals. There are quite a few forms of electro-therapies in use today — you may have used some of them. Listen to this great podcast with Harry Massey and Cyril Bourke from NES […]

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