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Nurturing Ourselves

October will be awash in pink across the country as we focus on Breast Cancer in the US. At Juneva, we focus on breast health year ’round! The breast health points in bioenergetics (and they apply to both men and women) represent our ability to nurture ourselves and those around us. As a mind-body connection, […]

What’s the Difference Between Companies Selling Cigarettes and Companies Selling Vaccines?

AN ARTICLE PUBLISHED BY THE NATIONAL VACCINE INFORMATION CENTER. Do you know the difference between companies that sell cigarettes and companies that sell vaccines in America? When cigarettes injure or kill people, tobacco companies are financially liable in civil court. But when vaccines injure or kill people, drug companies are not. That’s right. If you […]

NES Cracking the Code

Here’s a great TBT (turn back time) moment called Cracking the Code with Harry Massey interviewing Peter Fraser. It’s always good to see Peter himself explaining his experiments and research — I thought you would enjoy these videos too.    

The FDA, Big Pharma & Consumers: Time to Overhaul the Agency?

AN ARTICLE PUBLISHED BY THE NATIONAL VACCINE INFORMATION CENTER. So what [Big Pharma has] done is they have seeded the FDA with their own people. … It’s their intention to make as much money as they can get away with. It’s all about greed. Stephen Spielberg, the deputy commissioner of the FDA. Where did he […]

The Truth About Vaccines Docu-series—Episode 1

AN ARTICLE PUBLISHED BY THE NATIONAL VACCINE INFORMATION CENTER. It’s a commonly held belief that people, including doctors, are either pro-vaccine, in other words they believe that all vaccines are safe and effective for all people all the time, or anti-vaccine, in other words 100 percent against all vaccines all the time. But is this […]

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