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Some Thoughts on Addressing Emotional Oscillators

AN ARTICLE PUBLISHED BY PETER FRASER & NES HEALTH. When dealing with the bioenergetic correlates of disease, the first process is to address the emotional oscillators. As a reminder, in NES theory, emotional oscillators can be thought of as information flows that eventually can affect four key organelles of the cell. An emotion is also […]

“Iron Lungs” Still Around. They’re Called Ventilators.

AN ARTICLE PUBLISHED BY MARCO CÁCERES AND THE NATIONAL VACCINE INFORMATION CENTER. One of the most common lines of argument offered by vaccine apologists as “proof” of how effective mass vaccination programs were in vanquishing polio is to argue that there are no “iron lung” machines anymore. The logic goes something like this: “Do you […]

Anomalies the Human Body-Field Can Better Explain

AN ARTICLE PUBLISHED BY PETER FRASER & NES HEALTH. Below are some musings on “cracks” in biology that the theory of the human body-field can explain better than conventional biological theory can. This is just an overview of some areas that are worth exploring further. No attempt to explain the HBF theory in detail is […]

For Your Seasonal Wellness

Just in time for the holidays and for Seasonal Wellness season, we are offering an alternative to family discord, carbohydrate overload, exhaustion, and cold/flu medications without the side effects. In fact we can offer side benefits! Holiday Survival Infoceutical Set This is the perfect set for people getting together with family for a big holiday […]

Infoceuticals, Emotions And Organ Fields

How Exactly Do Infoceuticals Work On The Emotional Level? Watch a past lecture from Peter Fraser at the 2009 NES Conference in Germany, where he discusses emotional implications of bioenergetic therapy, how organ fields are deeply entrenched in our emotional experiences, and how we can address trauma in the body-field using principles from Eastern Medicine. […]

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